Wizard Hulk #1: Review

Jan 1998
Terry Kavanagh, Paul Lee

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No Escape

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3 stars

Wizard Hulk #1 Review by (February 15, 2010)

Review: Okay issue just seems a bit off somehow, with Hulk’s tough-guy speech patterns more befitting of a dumber Joe Fixit. Cutest moment comes when Hulk bashes Rhino in the head and, instead of tweeting birdies, the villain sees tiny superheroes flying about his head.

Comments: Co-Published by Marvel and Wizard, available only through a special offer in WIZARD: THE COMIC MAGAZINE #89. Officially numbered “½” and, according to various sources, comes between Hulk (1999) #10 and 11, which seems unlikely. The first, failed wedding of Bruce and Betty (seen here in flashback), crashed by the Rhino, was in INCREDIBLE HULK #124; the second, successful one was in issue #319 and was crashed by Thunderbolt Ross. Devlin D’Angelo appeared in INCREDIBLE HULK #469-474 around this time and returned in VENGEANCE #2. Issue includes sketches by artist Paul Lee and short bios of Lee and writer Terry Kavanagh.


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Wizard Hulk #1 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro

Hulk is hiding out in the Tunnel of Love in an abandoned amusement park near Las Vegas when he is attacked by a powerful foe. Said foe turns out to be the Rhino with a new, improved titanium-mesh armor plus blasters and rockets, calling himself Mecha-Rhino. Rhino punches Hulk out of the tunnel to the park where teenagers Kenny and Cindy are meeting atop the immobile roller coaster. The antagonists bash each other around the park causing a great deal of property damage until Hulk becomes frustrated and rips the new armor from Rhino and knocks him out. Hulk then rescues the teens and puts them safely down and flees just as Thunderbolt Ross and his team get there….

Watching from a small plane overhead, the secret villain Devlin D’Angelo, who hired and outfitted Rhino just to let D’Angelo see the Hulk in action for himself, flies off to continue his anti-Hulk plans….

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Hideth #1 comic

Paul Lee
Paul Lee
Atomic Paintbrush
Paul Lee (Cover Penciler)
Paul Lee (Cover Inker)
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