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Wolverine/Captain America #1: Review

Feb 2004
R.A. Jones, Tom Derenick

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First Blood

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3 stars

Wolverine/Captain America #1 Review by (January 24, 2011)
Review: No big deal: mildly entertaining miniseries stretches a one-issue story across four, with unexceptional writing, passable art, and the standard Cap/Wolverine conflict.

Comments: First appearance of The Contingency; Rapture had previously appeared in WEAPON X: THE DRAFT – KANE (one-shot).


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Wolverine/Captain America #1 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro
Warbird watches in amazement as Captain America battles a pair of huge fighting robots, distracting her from another foe behind her. She manages to destroy it but Cap, pinned by another one of the deadly machines, calls out to her to shoot it. She balks, fearing to harm him with the blast; he orders her to fire and she does but she misses both figures. Cap switches to his back-up plan, flipping his shield into place to protect himself from the robot’s claw and then slicing it open thought the middle. Cap then shuts down the training exercise and advises Warbird that she needs more confidence and discipline, reminding her that he considers her qualified to be an Avenger. A call from Jarvis brings them to the infirmary where they find the injured Forge being tended to. Forge tells them how earlier at the Xavier Institute, he and Beast had discovered that one of their Shi’ar computer chips seemed to be mutating; Professor X approved Forge’s request to take the chip to Avengers Mansion to consult with them. On the way, he was ambushed by The Contingency, a criminal group made up of Condor, Killdeer, Kite, and Shrike; the villains beat him and steal the case containing the chip. He relates that there is a tracking device that can home in on the chip and he has already contacted Xavier, who has dispatched one of the X-Men to recover it: Wolverine. Logan is following the trail through the sewers when he suddenly confronts the leader of The Contingency, Rapture. Meanwhile, Cap, suspecting that SHIELD has inside information on this situation, contacts Sharon Carter and asks about The Contingency. She reluctantly reveals that the group was a SHIELD black-ops team that went rogue. The leader, Rapture, is an amoral low-level telepath with a neural-net exoskeleton, which enhances her strength and makes her impossible to detect. Sharon refuses to tell Steve who they were trained against, signing off abruptly. Forge build a tracker to locate Wolverine so Cap and Warbird take to the sewers. They hear gunfire and hurry to see Logan, riddled with bullets, lying in the water; he is not getting up….

Tom Derenick
Tom Derenick
Tom Derenick (Cover Penciler)
Tom Derenick (Cover Inker)
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(Hank McCoy)
Captain America
Captain America

(Steve Rogers)

(Edwin Jarvis)
Professor X
Professor X

(Charles Xavier)

(James Howlett)

Plus: Contingency, Forge, Rapture, Warbird (Carol Danvers).

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