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Wolverine/Captain America #3: Review

Feb 2004
R.A. Jones, Tom Derenick

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Heart of Darkness

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3 stars

Wolverine/Captain America #3 Review by (January 24, 2011)
Review: Full review appears with issue #1.


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Wolverine/Captain America #3 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro

Captain America and Warbird discover the wounded Wolverine barely alive; he orders her to rush Logan to SHIELD facility for emergency medical care while he continues after the villains of The Contingency in order to recover the stolen microchip. On the SHIELD Helicarrier, Wolverine is placed in a water tank and subjected to electric shocks in hopes of jumpstarting his healing factor….

Cap pursues the mercenaries to the street where they open fire on him. Their leader, Rapture, is still suffering feedback shocks from the damage to her exo-suit, so she ducks into a nearby apartment building while the others cover for her. Cap rushes the building and the villains fall back; he follows them upstairs, narrowly evading a bomb planted by Kite. He arrives on the roof to see them departing in an aircraft; Rapture reveals she has taken a resident’s baby a hostage and, to ensure Cap does not follow, tosses the child overboard. Cap makes a heroic leap and catches the baby in mid-air, landing and rolling on the opposite roof. He turns the child over to her mother but the villains are long gone….

Cap heads to the Helicarrier where the doctor has discovered what is preventing Wolverine from healing: he was shot with magnetic bullets, which have attached themselves to his adamantium skeleton with an attraction so strong they cannot be expelled. The implication is that the weapon was specifically designed to take out Wolverine. There is only one option and it is dangerous: use a powerful set of electromagnets to pull the bullets from his body. They try this and it succeeds, bursting the water tank in the process. Refusing to take time to recover, Logan insists they go after The Contingency, with one stipulation: "Rapture’s mine!"

Tom Derenick
Tom Derenick
Tom Derenick (Cover Penciler)
Tom Derenick (Cover Inker)
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Captain America
Captain America

(Steve Rogers)

(James Howlett)

Plus: Contingency, Rapture, Warbird (Carol Danvers).

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