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World War Hulk: Gamma Corps #2: Review

Sep 2007
Frank Tieri, Carlos Ferreira

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3 stars

World War Hulk: Gamma Corps #2 Review by (February 15, 2010)
Reveals some of the Gamma Corps origins.


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World War Hulk: Gamma Corps #2 Synopsis by Antonio Hector
After receiving their new mission target the Hulk. Gamma Corps start their training somewhere in upstate New York on a robotic Hulk android. After making short work of the android Prodigy receives an incoming message from General Ryker. The message pertaining to Mess's whereabouts. She has gone AWOL in search of the green giant by herself. The Gamma Corps track her down to a wooded forest with Ryker at the helm. Not pleased to find out Mess was going after the Hulk alone. Ryker gave new orders that any one attempt to jeopardize the mission is to be shot on sight. The General is forced to remind them why they are all here. Nichole Martin aka Mess was driving with her son. A radio broadcast came on warning there has been a Hulk sighting in the vicinity. Due to Hulk's clash with the Abomination a truck was tossed in the air. Nichole car was pinned down trapping her son in the back seat while the car ignited in flames. Resulting in her son's death while most of her body was burned but her life spared. While in the hospital Ryker offered her a chance to get even.

Timothy Wilkerson aka Prodigy was still in the womb when his parents where shopping in a mall and the Hulk was sighted. While trying to escape from the Hulk to an exit. Prodigy's mother falls and finds the Hulk behind her. Screaming at the green giant Hulk leaps away. Timmy is born disabled. His father blames the Hulk encounter for his son's disability. Once again Ryker is there to offer his help to fix there son's ailment.

Living in Harlem Gideon Wilson aka Mister Gideon was a god fearing man. But his son Jim Wilson was more of a rebel. After an argument with his dad, Jim decided to leave and live in New Mexico. After a silent prayer Gideon turns his attention to the TV. To find out the Hulk has been sighted in New Mexico. Gideon son became close friends with Hulk. Due to complications of the HIV virus Jim Wilson passed away. Gideon a man who seems to lose his faith blames the Hulk for his son's death.

Eliot Franklin aka Griffin on a road to nowhere finds himself in prison. Never one to watch his manners and mouth finds himself in trouble with the local prison gang. A glutton for punishment Eliot lets out a barrage of insults to the top gang the Enforcers. Battered and bruised the gang taunts Eliot even more. Bringing up his past with the Ringmaster and going against the Hulk and losing. General Ryker who seems to be recruiting anti-hulk members pays Griffin a visit. Ryker without finishing his sentence is interrupted by Griffin. Griffin wants to join whatever team Ryker is putting together against the Hulk. This issue is yet to reveal anything about team leader Grey or his motives. With General Ryker's team assembled and ready he makes first contact with the Hulk. Taunting and provoking Hulk into a battle. Hulk shrugs off the sarcasm with a smile and a "maybe later". With those words General Ryker launches a missile strike at the Hulk.

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Carlos Ferreira
Sandu Florea


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