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Marvel Vs. Coronavirus (Part 1)

April 8, 2020
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WHAT IF. Which Marvel heroes, villains and regular citizens would be affected by coronavirus if this dredful virus were to contaminate the Marvel Universe.

Below is a list of ten characters, and their likeliness of becoming a victim of COVID-19, or not.


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The Incredible Hulk has a superhuman healing factor, one of the best in the Marvel Universe, which would make him totally immune to coronavirus. If he were infected as his alter ego, Bruce Banner, he would just need to turn back into Hulk to heal.

Captain Marvel
Carol Danvers is one of the most powerful females in the Marvel franchise. Her superhuman durability alone would make her immune to COVID-19.

The lovable tree-like alien creature from Guardians of the Galaxy would be immune to the disease due to his plant-like genetics. Coronavirus does not affect flora.

This female warrior powerhouse isn't affected by COVID-19 for several reasons, including her origins: No Asgardians would be affected based on their special "godly" genetics.

Hela would be immune for being an Asgardian, like Valkyrie, but also, she is practically immune to any illnesses that could affect humans.


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Susan Storm is a smart, beautiful, brave woman who can turn invisible and create force fields. But, her human genetics would make her a target for COVID-19.

Note: Her husband Reed Richards (Mr. Fantastic) could invent an effective treatment or device to isolate/control the virus, and cure his wife, but that's out of the subject of this article.

Power Man's skin is invulnerable, so bullets can't harm him. But, inside, he's human so he could get ill if a sick patient passes the coronavirus onto him.

This super villain is one of the smartest men alive, but his inventions and armor do not change the fact that he's a regular man who could suffer from the COVID-19 disease.

The owner of the Daily Bugle who gave Peter Parker (Spider-Man) a hard time for so many years, is a likely candidate to get the coronavirus disease. And being of an older age, Jameson's risk of not surviving is high.

The lovely lady who raised her nephew Peter Parker as her own son, is totally defenseless against COVID-19. Being a mature lady, she belongs to a very high-risk age group. If she were to get sick, and no effective treatment is applied on time, she's a firm candidate to be a fatal victim of coronavirus.

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