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RIP Len Wein (1948-2017)

September 11, 2017
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Unfortunately, writer Len Wein has passed away. One of his main achievements in comics was co-creating the Wolverine.

Wolverine debuted in the pages of Incredible Hulk #181 (with a short cameo in #180).

Len was the scribe of hundreds of comics, including some favorites of mine like Incredible Hulk #210 where the green Goliath battles an axe-wielding powerhouse called Mongu.

Here are a few other comics by Len:

Avengers #133 - The Defenders #12 - Giant-Size Avengers #4 - Invincible Iron Man #73 - Marvel Feature #11 - Marvel Team-Up #13 - Thor Annual #6 - Incredible Hulk #200 - Thor #242

Our thoughts are with his family and friends. May he rest in peace.

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