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Alpha Flight #28: Review

Nov 1985
John Byrne, John Byrne

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3 stars

Alpha Flight #28 Review by (May 16, 2010)
John Byrne’s last issue with the series. Story ties into SECRET WARS II #4 and INCREDIBLE HULK #313 and continues in the next issue.


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Alpha Flight #28 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro
The villains of Omega Flight—Courtney, Diamond Lil, Flashback and Wild Child—are escaping their latest confrontation with Alpha Flight. In a mall parking lot they come face to face with Jeffries, who is upset that Courtney has killed and impersonated the Guardian. Jeffries uses his metal-shaping powers to subdue the gang and then destroy Courtney (who is a robot). Entering the mall, he spies Alpha Flight with the Beyonder, having just returned from the Void. Beyonder is puzzled that the hero team would still fight him, but Shaman is grateful that the alien rescued his daughter Talisman. After the Beyonder departs is a flash of light, Talisman is fed up with her father over all his lies, and teleports the team back to their headquarters in Vancouver. Shaman admits he was wrong, and Jeffries explains how he was caught up in Talisman’s spell too. Heather calls for a two-hour break, while she takes a bath and reviews the problems surrounding Shaman. Roger Fuchs and others, meanwhile, are probing other dimensions, seeking a new body for Walter Langkowski, whose soul has been inside the robot Box since the Sasquatch body was killed. Walter enters the dimension steam to possess the targeted body. Using their technology, they draw the huge humanoid form back to the base and discover to their horror, they have retrieved the Hulk!

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John Byrne
Keith Williams
Andy Yanchus


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Plus: Omega Flight.

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