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Alpha Flight #29: Review

Dec 1985
Bill Mantlo, Mike Mignola

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Cut Bait & Run!

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3 stars

Alpha Flight #29 Review by (May 16, 2010)
A new creative team takes over with this issue. Story continues from last issue.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Alpha Flight #29 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro
An enraged Hulk does battle with Alpha Flight, who are at a disadvantage, as Aurora is shaken by the belief that Walter is dead, Shaman has lost confidence in his powers and Roger is terrified by the damage to his host robot Box. Hulk clobbers the one effective fighter, Puck, and leaves the building threatening to level Vancouver. The powerless Heather latches onto the Hulk to persuade him to simply go away but the Green Giant just shakes her off and departs. After a period in which the team members come to terms with their fear and insecurities, all except Shaman take off in pursuit of the Hulk. They find Jade Jaws downtown in confrontation with the police.

Taking over, Puck and Box assault Hulk with their strength, Aurora and Northstar with their speed and light powers but Hulk easily defeats them. Snowbird arrives suddenly and takes on the form of Sasquatch to battle Hulk on his own terms. When the military shows up, Hulk flattens his foe and leaps off into the distance, as Snowbird pursues in the air. Her powers wane as Hulk crosses the border into the United States so she returns to Vancouver. Surveying the destruction to the city, Heather debates breaking up the team but Snowbird makes a speech in which she states that Alpha Flight will always be needed to stave off threats to Canada and the world. Gary Cody arrives to inform the team that their funding has been restored by the government so that they can remain together and fulfill the mission for which the group was formed.

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Mike Mignola
Gerry Talaoc
Bob Sharen


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