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Alpha Flight #110: Review

Jul 1992
Simon Furman, Pat Broderick

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Bare bones

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4 stars

Alpha Flight #110 Review by (September 11, 2021)
This is an official Infinity War tie-in issue.

As revealed in #3 the Master Of The World was an early human 40,000 years ago when the crashed Plodex spaceship captured him and and dismembered his body and connected his brain to its computer. In more recent times he took over the ship and created a new body for himself. Things that he says this issue indicate that the skeleton he is talking to is all that remains of his original body.

It seems the Beta Flight trainees were demoted by Windshear to Gamma Flight since last issue when they almost brought an army from the Dream Dimension into Alpha Flight HQ.

We know that Weapon Omega is Wolverine's old 'enemy' Wild Child.

There was a previous Omega Flight, including Wild Child, who fought Alpha Flight in #11-13 and #26-28.

Thanos isn't the villain behind the Infinity War event. Magus and the Thanos Doppelganger rescued the Iron Man and Mr Fantastic Dops in IW#3. The heroes mistook them for Adam Warlock and the real Thanos.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Alpha Flight #110 Synopsis by Rob Johnson
The issue starts with the self-styled Master Of The World monologuing to what I think is his original skeleton. He describes (from info in the database of the alien Plodex ship that rebuilt him from the caveman he was) an ancient offshoot of humanity called the Ska'r who psychically enhanced the evil in normal humans and fed off it. Eventually their city was expelled from this reality after which they consumed what humans they had with them and went into suspended animation until they can feed again. We see a city which is a mixture of ancient and modern, the streets littered with human skeletons and the Ska'r hanging from overhangs in web-sacks.

The Master is aware of the danger threatening the universe in the Infinity War event, and he intends to preserve Earth from it so that he can continue his plans to rule the planet himself. But he hasn't got time for his usual subtle methods so he must use a blunt axe instead of a fine chisel. (Of course he means the Ska'r.) At the end of last issue the main Alpha Flight team were called along with other heroes by Mr Fantastic to a meeting at Four Freedoms Plaza. Now we see Northstar and Puck with others waiting for the meeting to start (IW#2).

But the trainees Gamma Flight weren't invited. Elizabeth Twoyoungmen, who's been working with them, is currently trying to distract herself with retail therapy. She blames her father Shaman for unleashing her Talisman power (#18) which has brought her nothing but trouble. And since last issue she's been having visions of a locked door behind which is an 'ocean of bones' and a hungry evil. Then she's attacked by a bunch claiming to be the new Omega Flight.

Windshear has been left to look after things at the Flight's Canadian HQ. He contacts Guardian (Heather McNeil) and Box (Madison Jeffries) where they're still waiting for Reed Richards to tell them what's going on.

Recent adversary Brain Drain (#108) was recruited by the MOTW at the end of that issue and has now returned leading Omega Flight, a team of new villains. Tech-Noir fires mini-rockets at Elizabeth. Miss Mass tries to land on her. The animalistic Sinew tries to slash her, but it is Strongarm who lands a kick.

Tech-Noir says Elizabeth has something they want, and she can either give it to them or they'll take it by force. 2 security guards try to radio for help but a last team member Bile has been held in reserve and he kills(?) them with poisonous touch and spit. Brain Drain explains that he wants Elizabeth to let him into her mind so he can unlock a door. She realises that he's referring to the door in her visions, and she's not going to let him through. She turns into Talisman and literally blows the enemy away. Except for the immovable Miss Mass who KOs her with a punch.

Gamma Flight are having an unauthorised night on the town in Toronto, but now Whitman Knapp (Manikin) is trying to restrain the girls who are beating up some men who were attacking a female. While Laura Dean comforts the victim her sister Goblyn gets physical. Persuasion/Purple Girl (Kara Killgrave) is making the men fight each other, and Witchfire is siccing extradimensional monsters on them. Kara loses her concentration and her victims attack *her*. Whitman unleashes his 3 avatars Proto, Apeman and Highbrow who finish the fight.

Back in Four Freedoms Plaza a gamma bomb has destroyed the top couple of floors but the heroes are all OK (see IW#2-3). Box, Guardian, Northstar and Puck have gathered with Aurora, Weapon Omega and Walter Langkowski (not being Sasquatch). Wolverine is with them as is ex-member Shaman doing a silent mediation bit in a levitating yoga position. They now know that Iron Man and Mr Fantastic are evil doppelgangers and they believe Thanos is behind it all. Cyclops pops in to invite Guardian, Sasquatch and Wolverine to join a force to go after Thanos. Shaman should team up with other mystics. Before he goes Logan tells Weapon Omega he knows who he is inside the all-concealing costume.

In Toronto Goblyn senses something which her telepathic link with Laura explains is the smell of a freshly opened crypt. They are confronted by fighting men, an explosion, and a man surrounded by flames. They dodge a drag race in the street which ends in head-on collision, and the fire-man is enjoying it all. (No prize for guessing it's all caused by the Ska'r.)

And finally Windshear arrives at the mall where Talisman is being taken into an ambulance. She can only tell him "They're out!".

Pat Broderick
Chris Ivy
Bob Sharen
Pat Broderick (Cover Penciler)
Pat Broderick (Cover Inker)
? (Cover Colorist)
Letterer: Janice Chiang.
Editor: Rob Tokar. Editor-in-chief: Tom DeFalco.


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(Scott Summers)

(Walter Langkowski)

(James Howlett)

Plus: Aurora, Bile, BOX (Madison Jeffries), Brain Drain, Goblyn, Guardian (Heather MacNeil), Laura Dean, Manikin (Whitman Knapp), Master of the World, Miss Mass, Northstar, Persuasion, Puck, Shaman, Sinew, Strongarm, Talisman, Tech-Noir, Weapon Omega (Kyle Gibney), Windshear, Witchfire.

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