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Armor Wars #2: Review

Jun 2015
James Robinson, Marcio Takara

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Chapter II: The tell-tale heart

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4 stars

Armor Wars #2 Review by (June 27, 2015)
The title 'The tell-tale heart' of course refers to the Edgar Allan Poe story. A herd of Thors have their own zone Doomgard. They are the police force of Battleworld's ruler Dr Doom. James Rhodes is 1 of them. But this is the 1st time I've heard that a zone can have a local representative of the Thor Corp. If Spyder-Man's identity was secret but everyone wears armour, then Peter Urich must have had 2 armours, 1 for Spyder-Man and 1 for civilian use. Since the disease seems fast-acting, switching between armours must have been risky. But then characters do wander around without enclosing faceplates. Dr Druid (as Dr Droom) had is own series of stories in Amazing Adventures even before Fantastic Four #1. He's wandered around the Marvel Universe since then as a low-grade Dr Strange. He was an Avenger in the late '80's and had his own series in 1995. When Druid removes Peter's armour he uses a machine with large mechanical tentacles very reminiscent of Dr Octopus' arms. In the Marvel Universe Walter Newell had his own Stingray suit, mainly for use underwater but it could also glide in air, and did have electrical discharge as a weapon.


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Armor Wars #2 Synopsis by Rob Johnson
In Technopolis we follow the investigation into the death of Peter Urich who was secretly Spyder-Man. This is 1 of the zones of Battleworld, where alternate versions of Marvel characters live out different lives. In this 1 everyone has to wear armour to protect them from a dangerous disease.

James Rhodes, the local Thor and Grand Marshall of Technopolis' lawmen, has brought the body to Dr Druid for an autopsy. There's a large blast-hole in his chest, but this might only disguise what really killed him. To find out more Druid removes Spidey's armour. And the dead body immediately succumbs to the rotting effects of the disease.

Rhodey puts in a call to his neice Lila who's with Peter's girlfriend Kiri Oshiro. Kiri has reacted to the death and the news that Peter was Spyder-Man by burying herself in work. The 2 girls are designing a revolutionary new type of armour.

Tony Stark's brother and rival Arno is in cahoots with Wilson Fisk, the Kingpin. Both know that they only operate under sufference from Baron Tony. Arno sees Kiri's work as a way to gain dominance over his brother. So he's given his own new Stingray armour to Walter Newell and sent him to Oshiro labs as a spy.

Stingray glides down to his target. The ultra-thin suit with special inhibitors can evade any surveillance/detection devices. (But what Newell doesn't know is that the thin armour will only protect him from the disease for an hour.) But once Stingray is in, Arno remotely switches of the inhibitors. This mission wasn't really corporate spying, but to test Oshiro's defenses and the suit's capabilities.

Loads of big guns shoot at Stingray, and he ducks and dives and shoots back. 1 wild blast topples the platform where Kiri is working. But Stingray attacks Lila with his electrified cape/wings. Kiri does something computer-y and a giant hand with a palm blaster engulfs Stingray.

Kiri at last breaks down over Peter.

Jim Rhodes reports to Tony Stark. Dr Druid has discovered that Peter Urich got his powers from his armour, which was infected with a virus that created a symbiotic link between man and suit. That suit also recorded Peter's death, but the blast damaged the memory bank - Rhodes thinks that was deliberate. However he and Druid are salvaging what they can - and they have learnt that the infection that blights the zone was also deliberate.

Marcio Takara
Marcio Takara
Esther Sanz
Paul Rivoche (Cover Penciler)
Paul Rivoche (Cover Inker)
Esther Sanz (Cover Colorist)


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