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Armor Wars #3: Review

Jul 2015
James Robinson, Marcio Takara

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Chapter III: Fight night

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4 stars

Armor Wars #3 Review by (August 9, 2015)
Machine Man/X-51/Aaron Stack was created by Jack Kirby in the 2001 (Space Odyssey) series and then carried forward into his own series. He's had a varied history since then including several more of his own series. He was last seen in a mega-gathering of Avengers to welcome Sam Wilson as the new Captain America in CA(2013)#25. (He helped the team several times and was officially a reserve member between Avengers West Coast #69 and X-51#4.) But his last big gig was supporting Red Hulk, and then Red She-Hulk when she took over the Hulk series. There is a tenuous connection between Machine Man and Arno Stark. The Arno in this series is an analogue of Tony Stark's brother Arno introduced in Iron Man (2013) #17. But the name was previously used for a future Stark relative as Iron Man 2020, and this series' Arno's armour has echoes of the 2020 version. meanwhile MM was revived in the future as Machine Man 2020 in a series of that name. And the 2020 versions of IM and MM clashed in the IM 2020 GN. Turk in the main Marvel universe was a minor recurring criminal in Daredevil who eventually persuaded Wilson Fisk to hire him. War Machine is of course 1 of James Rhodes' super-identitites, and the War Machines here are modelled on the original War Machine armour that Tony Stark 1st wore in IM#281.


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Armor Wars #3 Synopsis by Rob Johnson
Baron Tony Stark has decided it's time to have words with his brother Arno. As Iron Man approaches Arno Stark's HQ he dodges (laser?) blasts and is met by an army of Machine Men.

Meanwhile Kiri Oshiro visits the new grave of her boyfriend Peter Urich with her friend Lila Rhodes. Her grief at his murder is mixed with anger that he never told her he was Spyder-Man. Lila trots out the standard explanation that Spydey kept his identity secret to protect his loved ones like Kiri from his enemies.

They are interrupted by Lila's uncle James, Marshal Rhodes the local representative of Dr Doom's Thor Corps. He wants to ask about the recent attack on Kiri's tech facility (by Stingray last issue). But Kiri demands to know who killed Peter. The recording system in the Spyder armour was damaged, but the cops are working on retrieving as much data as they can. What they do know so far (as we learned last issue) is that Peter discovered who was responsible for the sickness that condemns the inhabitants of Technopolis to live permanently in armour.

Extra to last issue is that Peter believed his uncle, reporter Ben Urich, found out the same thing - and he was killed for it. And that Wilson Fisk, the Kingpin of Crime, was involved. Rhodey says that rumour has Arno Stark in cahoots with Fisk. And Stingray's armour was based on ArnoWare tech. So the Marshal thinks it's all connected. (And this is why Baron Stark is 'visiting' his brother.)

Iron Man destroys all the Machine Men. Next up is a flight of missiles. Shellhead counters with an equal number of mini-missiles which take them out. Then he smashes through a window into his brother's top-floor office. The armoured figures collide, and exit through the opposite side of the building. Tony tells Arno to keep his 'hands' off Kiri. They fight as they plummet crashing to the ground. Then they share a laugh and agree to talk.

Kiri, with Lila's help, resumes work on her big project - a new suit of armour which she can now use to deal with Peter's murderer. We learn that her company's name Mobairu Yosai is Japanese for Moving Fortress. And her project is a giant armour.

Marshal Rhodes drops in on Wilson Fisk to arrest him. Fisk's guy Turk ducks out of the way as Kingpin unleashes an armoured army. The Marshal responds with a load of War Machines.

Marcio Takara
Marcio Takara
Esther Sanz
Paul Rivoche (Cover Penciler)
Paul Rivoche (Cover Inker)
Jordan Boyd (Cover Colorist)


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