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Avengers Forever #5: Review

May 2022
Jason Aaron, Jim Towe

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Doom of Dooms

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4 stars

Avengers Forever #5 Review by (May 6, 2022)
This issue starts a run of 1-off issues featuring individual members of the Multiversal Masters Of Evil and/or multiversal versions of individual Avengers.

The fact that Doom Supreme and Earth-616 both killed their Valeria's to make magic armour suggests the possibility that they are the same Doom. Or at least that DS is an alternate future of our DrD.

We've seen Doom The Living Planet before in a flashforward to the far future in the current Avengers #38. There he battles King Thor and the Goddesses Of Thunder. So Marvel Fandom Wiki links him to the Dr Doom they fought in Thor (2018) #4-5, who at the time wasn't a planet but had the powers of Dr Strange, Ghost Rider, Iron Fist and Starbrand.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Avengers Forever #5 Synopsis by Rob Johnson
Doom Supreme of the Multiversal Masters Of Evil takes his mask off to show someone his hideously scarred face. He says he's going to explain every scar, and the telling will drive the hearer mad. But the victim must not avert his eyes or beg for the mercy of death. In the end he will be a broken servant of Doom.

The story he tells starts in 1 Million BC on Earth-91, planet of Man-Things. where the MT versions of Agamotto, Iron Fist, Phoenix and Starbrand are killed by the MMOE. The victors (except Doom Supreme) then fall to squabbling over which of them should get this Earth. As Black Skull, Dark Phoenix, Ghost Goblin and King Killmonger argue, Kid Thanos stakes his claim by 'autopsying' the MT-corpses. But we at least learn that this BS isn't the 1 we've seen earlier who lost his worlds (when he was defeated by by Ghost Rider (Robbie Reyes) and allies last issue). Doom keeps out of it (apparently *he* doesn't collect worlds) claiming he already has what he wants from this world.

In the present we see DS belittling the others of the MMOE who are concerned only with rewriting timelines to their own individual tastes. Doom prefers the company of the only beings who are is near equals - other Dr Dooms. And we now see that he is addressing the Doom-Thing of that Earth, who he plucked from Earth-91's future before it was changed. Doom-Thing is trussed up to a stone X-frame, but really held there by enchantments.

Doom Supreme claims that his scars represent the Hells he has descended into, harrowed and risen from. Doom-Thing looks away, and DS reminds him of his warning. Seeming Doombots are summoned and DS tears off *DT*'s mask to expose a face on fire. The prisoner breaks free saying "whatever knows insolence burns at the touch of Doom-Thing". He starts to wade through the Doombots to get at their master, but discovers they are fleshy beings. DS explains that they are other Dr Dooms who went through the ordeal of the cross until they saw the light. The Doom-minions return Doom-Thing to the cross and remove his eyelids so he can't unsee, and nail his head to the frame to keep him there.

We see the Doom Above All killing a giant-size Odin and Phoenix, and hanging that world's Giant-Doom from a frame to be lectured at (presumably all from an Earth of giants). Now he continues haranguing Doom-Thing. But DT detects that he once loved a woman. Doom tells him of Valeria who he loved so much that he stripped the living flesh from her bones to make his mystic armour (which our DrD also did in Fantastic Four vol 3 #67). And he says that this sacrifice made him Sorcerer Supreme and then he defeated his enemies (we see a Mr Fantastic) and added *their* skins. But then he went further and devised the plan of destroying each Earth's Avengers 1M BC, thus wiping out his foes before they were born. Except he saved the Dr Dooms. He also adds that killing versions of yourself is a sublime experience (we see him strangling a Doom who seems to me to be suffering from Deadpool disease).

Now the weeping Doom-Thing is broken. He begs for the torture to stop. Doom Supreme tells his minions to set DT free, and then gives him a knife and tells him to cut out his own tongue, and clean up the mess afterwards. We hear it happening. DS then walks through a room where other Dooms are impaled on hooks.

We've had a voiceover throughout the issue which I had assumed to be Doom Supreme, but it turns out to be Doom The Living Planet who has also been subjugated by DS.

Jim Towe
Jim Towe
Aaron Kuder (Cover Penciler)
Aaron Kuder (Cover Inker)
Jason Keith (Cover Colorist)
Letterer: Cory Petit.
Editor: Tom Brevoort. Editor-in-chief: C. B. Cebulski.


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Black Skull (of MMOE), Dark Phoenix (of MMOE), Doom Supreme, Ghost Goblin, Kid Thanos, King Killmonger.

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