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Avengers n.1 #4: Review

Feb 2017
Mark Waid, Barry Kitson

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3.5 stars

Avengers n.1 #4 Review by (February 25, 2017)
Comments: Inkers are Mark Farmer with Rafael Fonteriz & Drew Hennessey; color is Jordan Boyd with Matt Yackey & Wil Quintana. Instead of a reprinted letters column from the 60s, instead this issue includes ads for Marvel's November 1965 issues and that year's annuals. The intro page also resembles a Stan Lee special with its bombastic narration. And the solicit doesn't match the issue.

Review: Ready to wrap this up? I am. Here we see Cressida's evil plan coming to fruition with the explanation reserved for next issue. An enjoyable story but nothing outstanding. See you next time.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Avengers n.1 #4 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro

The story opens with an exasperated Jarvis slaving over Hawkeye's wardrobe and equipment; he takes his revenge by pouring itching powder in the hero's costume. A sudden scream attracts everyone's attention. Quicksilver, legs broken by Ox of the Enforcers (last issue), has been brought to Avengers Mansion by paramedics. New Avenger Cressida is able to amplify Pietro's metabolism and accelerate his healing but he is depressed and wants to give up running. A smart-mouthed comment by Hawkeye causes Pietro to hurl a lamp at him so everybody leaves him alone with his sister Wanda. Pietro accuses Wanda of faking her emotions for fame, and she accuses him of wanting to keep her dependent—both ideas put into their heads by Cressida....

Interlude: A masked figure hires the Acrobat to impersonate Hawkeye, endowing him with the power to recreate the archer's fabled deeds. And the transfer of power drains the life from a nearby homeless man....

Reports that “Hawkeye” has robbed a jewelry store sets Captain America and Hawkeye against each other and the archer starts to walk out but Cap stops him. Cap asks the Avengers plus Jarvis to gather in the meeting room. Cap announces that the Avengers are in trouble. That they need to win back one another's trust as well as the public's. He challenges the Frightful Four, who had easily defeated the new Avengers team earlier (issue 1.1), to a rematch in public. With Cressida's support, the Avengers (minus Quicksilver) are able to easily defeat their foes—until Cressida secretly empowers Sandman who overcomes the heroes as only Quicksilver could beat Sandman. Hawkeye fires an arrow at Wanda and Pietro arrives immediately to deflect it—which was Hawkeye's intention. Quicksilver runs around the villain at such a speed as to turn his sand into glass. Cap and the team then confront Cressida about her betrayal. She tells them enigmatically about her grudge against the Avengers, then she blasts them, draining them of their life energies, leaving them aged husks....

Barry Kitson
Barry Kitson (Cover Penciler)
Barry Kitson (Cover Inker)
Jordan Boyd (Cover Colorist)

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