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Avengers: The Origin #4: Review

Jul 2010
Joe Casey, Phil Noto

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Rumble Fish

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4 stars

Avengers: The Origin #4 Review by (September 10, 2015)
Review: Issue #4 of the expanded updating of the classic AVENGERS #1 begins with a poignant farewell as Bea the Bearded Lady takes her leave of the Hulk as the only one who can truly sympathize with his feelings of being an outcast. Oh yeah, and Hulk doesn’t take the circus tent with him when he bounds off. Other than that the Thor-Loki battle is quite faithful to the original, if a bit slower paced (thanks to the decompressed comics treatment). A couple of improvements follow: Iron Man tracks the fleeing Hulk by means of Hank’s Ant-Man tech; in the early version, IM flies up into the sky to ask a passing jetliner if they’ve seen the Hulk, fortunately they have. The original climax took place in an auto plant in Detroit, which was always a bizarre place to find a containment chamber for nuclear waste. Here, we’re at a munitions plant in Denver where finding one of these things is much more logical. The biggest surprise is that Wasp actually contributes something in the new version: the containment unit is not merely a happy coincidence but a weapon Wasp realizes can be used to capture Hulk. Good show!


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Avengers: The Origin #4 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro

As spectators flee, Iron Man battles the Hulk in a circus tent. While Shellhead tries to reason with Jade Jaws between attacks, Ant-Man sends his ant swarm to keep the big guy distracted. Hulk rips open a crevasse in the ground and Iron Man falls in, then he rushes to shield his circus friend Bea from a falling platform. Iron Man erupts from the ground below and Bea allows Hulk to depart. Iron Man pursues….

On the Isle of Silence, Thor confronts Loki. Balls of plasma erupt from the ground, clinging to Thor and sapping his willpower. Loki shields himself in a wall of crystal but Thor easily shatters it with a blow from Mjolnir; all the while Loki vents, saying the usual supervillain stuff. The God of Evil reveals that he has promised Thor to the trolls for their allegiance and a huge brute comes to collect….

The fleeing Hulk arrives in Denver but Iron Man is right behind him; the two crash into the lab of a munitions factory. Hulk, finally fed up with the harassment starts fighting in earnest but the annoyance of the ants and Tony’s attempts to reason with him send him over the edge. Hulk thunderclaps them away (as well as blowing out all the windows in the building). Meanwhile, Wasp has discovered a containment unit which might come in handy….

Thor slays the troll but Loki mocks Thor’s arrogant need to avenge every slight done to him. Loki then brings the war: a multitude of Lokis to battle the God of Thunder….

Phil Noto
Phil Noto
Phil Noto
Phil Noto (Cover Penciler)
Phil Noto (Cover Inker)
Phil Noto (Cover Colorist)


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