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Black Widow: The Things They Say Abou Her #4: Review

Dec 2005
Richard K. Morgan, Bill Sienkiewicz

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The Things They Say About Her Part 4: Women and Children First

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4 stars

Black Widow: The Things They Say Abou Her #4 Review by (May 29, 2024)

Review: The intensity ramps up in this issue, making it the best of the series thus far. The sequences of Beatriz in Castigos, Matt in Guantanamo Bay, and Natasha’s rescue of Sally, work to convince us of what’s at stake as this series has so far failed to accomplish. Now I need to lie down.

Comments: Not rated but should be PSR+ (Parental Supervision Recommended Plus).


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Black Widow: The Things They Say Abou Her #4 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro

In Miami, Bobby Campano’s family pleads with Rafael Perez to get him back but it’s political, he explains, which is why all of his big shot friends in government and business want nothing to do with him. Then Jason Williams, Ex-SEAL, walks in and offers to help….

In Darien Gap, Sally and Mariela watch as an inmate, Beatriz, is dragged into Castigos and her screams can be heard for hours….

On their way to the Gap, Bobby Campano tries to justify his involvement with the secret facility but Black Widow will not hear of it, treating him with disgust and barely concealed anger….

At Guantanamo Bay, Nick Fury is being held in a cell; his lawyer Matt Murdock comes to see him and learns he’s been injured. Matt threatens legal action and they say that under the Patriot Act he must do what he’s told. This sends Matt into a rage and he beats up the guards. Nick says he’ll be okay but Matt needs to catch up with Martin Ferris and Kestrel who are on Natasha’s trail to save her life. Matt heads out the skylight to avoid the guards….

In Miami, Rafael Perez tells Bobby Campano’s family to relax and let Jason Williams take care of the Black Widow and rescue Bobby….

In the Gap, the women are put to work making dolls on an assembly line, testing a drug that makes them compliant. The big boss complains that it’s turning the women into zombies and demands that those in charge do better. After he leaves, Natasha enters, cutting a scientist’s throat to show she’s serious. Another guy tries to flee and Nat kills him too. She then demands Sally Anne Carter be turned over to her. They take her to the assembly line but Sally is drugged like the rest of them. Nat clobbers the last doctor and carries Sally out. Sally mutters “Save Mariela” as Natasha shorts out the electrical system, including the electric fence. They are spotted by guards so Nat tells Sally to crawl through the hole she made while Nat lunges at the guards with a drawn knife….

Bill Sienkiewicz
Bill Sienkiewicz
Dan Brown
Sean Phillips (Cover Penciler)
Sean Phillips (Cover Inker)
Sean Phillips (Cover Colorist)
Layouts: Sean Phillips. Letterer: Cory Petit.


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