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Captain America: Sam Wilson #23: Review

Jun 2017
Nick Spencer, Joe Bennett

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4 stars

Captain America: Sam Wilson #23 Review by (June 17, 2017)
Comments: SECRET EMPIRE tie-in: issue takes place between SECRET EMPIRE #3 and 4. Dennis “D-Man” Dunphy lived with the Night People in Zerotown in CAPTAIN AMERICA #410-440 (at least). Revelation: Mole Man is a big fan of THE LEFTOVERS and FARGO (until it was canceled by order of Hydra). PS the cover incident does not appear in the story.

Review: Nice tie-in issue, adding an explosive (and monster-filled) side trip to the main epic. And the magic subway is a startlingly surreal touch in an otherwise heavy-handed series. Not to mention the Mole Man in love with pop culture. And the final page promises much to be revealed in SECRET EMPIRE #4.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Captain America: Sam Wilson #23 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro

Having resigned as Captain America, Sam Wilson lives in Montana and finds himself again playing the hero, smuggling undesirables out of the Hydra-controlled USA. Then a small group of Avengers (Ant-Man, Iron Man AI, Mockingbird, Hercules, Quicksilver) have persuaded him to get them out of the country for a mission against Hydra. Turns out the main exit is on a New York subway train, magically transported by the actions of the Night People of Zerotown as stabilized by Dr. Strange. The train runs into a monster on the tracks and when Hercules spies more giant creatures in the underground he leaps joyously into battle, joined by the others and Sam can't stop them. They are confronted by the Mole Man, whose nation they have entered on their journey, the toll for safe passage being jewelry, sports memorabilia, and Blu-Ray collections of recent TV series. Hydra's Dreadnaughts, which have been secretly pursuing the party, arrive and a nightmarish battle takes place between the Avengers and their near-invincible foes. Iron Man causes a cave collapse to bury the Dreadnaughts but Mole Man now refuses to allow Sam to continue using his caves for smuggling refugees.... 

Outside in Canada, they are met by Misty Knight with an airplane and they set off on the second leg of their journey, Sam being bitter at the end of his safety route. Ant-Man now reveals that, though he told Sam they were on their way to Brazil, they have to make a stop in Alaska, a territory held by Hank Pym—or is it Ultron?   

Joe Bennett
Joe Pimentel
Matt Yackey
Elizabeth Torque (Cover Penciler)
Elizabeth Torque (Cover Inker)
Elizabeth Torque (Cover Colorist)


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