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Captain America #136: Review

Apr 1971
Stan Lee, Gene Colan

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The World Below

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3 stars

Captain America #136 Review by (February 15, 2010)
Conclusion of a two-part story. In Marvel Index, the gorilla is officially known as the Monster Ape.


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Captain America #136 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro
After Captain America and the huge gorilla (actually SHIELD biochemist Dr. Erik Gorbo) plummet into the enormous hole in the Earth, SHIELD personnel are stunned that Cap is certainly dead. Falcon, however, refuses to admit that all is lost and hatches a scheme to attempt a rescue. Meanwhile, as Cap and the ape plummet into the pit, their fall is suddenly slowed and halted by and anti-gravity beam wielded by…the Mole-Man. Gorbo feels a kinship with the villain, as they are both outcasts because of their horrid appearance, and he determines to use this to his advantage later. Cap and the gorilla are captured by the Mole-Man’s minions, on suspicion that the planned dumping of toxic waste into the pit is a deliberate attack on the underground world. The caged ape swallows the antidote and reverts back to Gorbo’s form, telling Mole-Man that Cap is an enemy after all, leading to Cap being attacked underground by the Subterraneans. As all seems hopeless, the Falcon flies to the rescue on a rocket pack supplied by Tony Stark. The enraged Mole-Man determines to fire a high-tech weapon to the surface to destroy SHIELD HQ but Gorbo realizes that Julia will die as well and he throes himself in front of the muzzle and takes the deadly blast himself. As Gorbo dies, he reverts to human and confesses that he lied to start a war. The Mole-Man realizes it was all unnecessary and send Cap and Falcon back to the surface in peace.

Gene Colan
Bill Everett


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