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Captain America #212: Review

Aug 1977
Jack Kirby, Jack Kirby

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The Face of a Hero!

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3 stars

Captain America #212 Review by (August 24, 2010)
Review: Probably the best of the 70s Kirby Cap storylines, his off-the-wall imagination and dynamic art aren’t thrown off by absurd writing. Though the sequence with Cap being blinded is hardly original, or particularly compelling: the first and best use was by THE SPIRIT in 1947.

Comments: Conclusion of a five-part story. Cap says Zola has kept Hitler’s brain alive since ’44 but Hitler was still using it until April 30, 1945.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Captain America #212 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro
Arnim Zola has invited Captain America and Donna Maria to witness the revival of Adolf Hitler’s brain—with Cap’s face. Maria hurls a vial of chemicals and sets the room ablaze; she and Cap scoop up more bottles and make their escape. A chain reaction of explosions causes the organic building to writhe, making passage difficult as the refugees must dodge flying brickwork and monstrous mouths. With a judicious use of the explosives, Cap and Maria make it to the courtyard where they encounter Zola’s guardian freaks. While Cap battles the larger, more powerful one, Donna Maria kills the other with an acid. Sharon Carter and the Red Skull arrive and Sharon shoots the gruesome monster. At this point Cap discovers he has been blinded by the chemical flash. The Red Skull mocks his helpless foe but suddenly the castle is wracked by its death throes. The group runs for their lives as the entire structure blows itself to pieces. The Skull seizes the opportunity to kill his archenemy but a falling wall buries the Nazi villain. The two women hustle Cap to safety just as SHIELD agents arrive, having followed Sharon’s homing device. As the ruin of the castle collapses in on itself, Cap is rushed off to get medical help….

Jack Kirby
Mike Royer
Petra Goldberg
Jack Kirby (Cover Penciler)
Mike Royer (Cover Inker)


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Captain America
Captain America

(Steve Rogers)
Red Skull
Red Skull

(Johann Shmidt)

Plus: Arnim Zola, Donna Maria Puentes.

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