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Captain America #217: Review

Jan 1978
Don Glut, John Buscema

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The Search for Steve Rogers!

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3 stars

Captain America #217 Review by (September 12, 2011)
Review: So after two issues surveying Cap’s past, the Search for Steve Rogers begins…oh wait, no it doesn’t. The purpose of this issue is to set up the story arc coming in #228 and following, though I can’t imagine them plotting that far ahead; more likely editor Roy Thomas had no idea who was going to be writing the series and thought it would arrive much sooner. Instead, “guest writer” Don Glut gave us the Ameridroid story while Roy cast about for a permanent writer. So what do we get in this issue? The return of the Corporation, a vaguely defined criminal organization created by Jack Kirby, likely in three minutes as a prop to move ahead the Night Flyer plot from issues #213-214. We’re also introduced to some lame new heroes (plus one with a stupid name—Wonder Boy—but a lot of potential which someone eventually noticed). The lamest is Blue Streak, a second rate version of Spidey’s Rocket Racer—who is a third-rate character to begin with. Really, rocket-powered roller skates? On a grown-up? Anyway, we’ll see if the writers can come up with a way to make a decent use of them anyway. Can you stand the suspense?

Comments: Part three of the ten-part story arc “The Search for Steve Rogers.” First appearance of Blue Streak, Vamp, and Marvel Boy (later Marvel Man, and who goes on to greater success as Quasar); Texas Twister had already appeared in FANTASTIC FOUR #177. Kligger and Veda were introduced in issue #213. Prescient moment: when Falcon starts bossing around the Super-Agents, Marvel Boy says, “I didn’t know Nick Fury was black?!” little realizing he would be, Ultimately.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Captain America #217 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro

Captain America and the Falcon are signing autographs downtown when they remember an appointment they have with Nick Fury. They go to the barbershop which is the secret entrance to SHIELD headquarters and descend into the complex. On arrival they are attacked by a team of SHIELD agents; the two heroes clobber them, then Nick Fury appears and explains that it was a test to ensure the visitors were not impostors. The traitorous agent captured in issue #214 had been attached to a machine that projects thoughts and it showed the traitor meeting with Cap and the Falcon. They know the baddie works for the mysterious "Corporation" but before they can question him he kills himself with poison hidden under his eyelid. Fury moves the heroes along to his grand plan: creating a team of super-agents to take on the Corporation. Cap and the Falcon are then introduced to: a) the Blue Streak, an acrobat on rocket-powered roller skates; b) the Vamp, a gorgeous heroine wearing a belt that allows her to absorb the powers and skills of her opponent and use them against him; c) the Texas Twister, a cowboy who can create violent winds from his body; and d) Marvel Boy, with the costume and power bracelets once used by the 1950s hero of the same name. Fury then informs Cap that he wants him to train and lead the Super-Agents of SHIELD. Cap politely refuses since he has other matters on his mind, so Fury orders the four new heroes to stop Cap. They attack using their powers and Cap easily bests them, suggesting that the Falcon be put in charge of the team. Falc and Fury agree to this and Cap takes his leave.

As Cap walks down the street, he does not know he is being observed remotely by Kligger and Veda of the Corporation. He also does not know (as the reader is here informed) that one of the new Super-Agents is a member of the Corporation. They are uncertain whether Cap’s quest to find his roots is genuine or a ruse to trap them; Veda volunteers to handle the matter personally, finding out what Cap knows then killing him….

At his apartment, Steve calls Sharon and asks her to leave him alone for a time while he sorts out some matters…. He goes out for a late night walk and comes upon a trio of thugs attacking a woman; without hesitation he drives off the crooks (a little easily, he notices) and is startled when the woman addresses him as Captain America. She reveals she knows his identity; Steve, suspicious, decides to see where this goes. She suddenly grabs him and kisses him passionately on the mouth—just as a concerned Sharon arrives. Dejected, she leaves. Steve insists on having a talk with Ms…. "Just call me Veda."

John Buscema
Pablo Marcos
Phil Rachelson
John Buscema (Cover Penciler)
Frank Giacoia (Cover Inker)
? (Cover Colorist)
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Captain America
Captain America

(Steve Rogers)

(Sam Wilson)

(Eugene K. Stivak)

(Wendell Vaughn)

Plus: Blue Streak, Texas Twister, Vamp, Veda.

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