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Captain America #237: Review

Sep 1979
Roger McKenzie, Don Perlin

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From the Ashes…

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4 stars

Captain America #237 Review by (February 9, 2014)
Review: Sharon dies and Steve starts a new life—plus a wartime adventure. The issue is a little too unfocused to work: the Sharon half and the Diebenwald plot are both quite intense but they distract the reader from each other, not to mention guest appearances by some Avengers and the introduction of a new supporting cast. Roger McKenzie does try to tie the Sharon and Nazi plots together at the end but it seemed like too much was going on. The art was uniformly fine with Sharon’s death being quite haunting.

Comments: First appearance of Anna Kappelbaum, Josh Cooper, and Mike Farrel. The Diebenwald camp is fictitious but Anna’s experiences were typical of the Holocaust. The Nazi doctor resembles Dr Faustus but he is not identified. And Sharon Carter returns in issue #445 (November 1995); it is revealed that Nick Fury faked her death so she could go on a top-secret mission.


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Captain America #237 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro

A weary Captain America addresses the press, explaining how he had been brainwashed into fighting for the fanatical National Force. Afterward he is approached by a news reporter who shows him a videotape of the Harlem riot (issue #233); among the National Force agents who burned themselves alive is Sharon Carter. Cap is devastated….

A week later, having not heard from his partner, the Falcon heads over to Steve Rogers’ apartment and finds it empty. He stops by Avengers Mansion to see if they know but they are also at a loss. While he is there, Steve shows up and tells them he is ready to return to active duty, having started a brand new life—as Steve Rogers, commercial artist….

Steve arrives at his new apartment building and is nearly bowled over by fireman Mike Farrel rushing to work. As he settles in, neighbor Josh Cooper welcomes him and invites him to dinner with their landlady Anna Kappelbaum. When Steve meets her he recognizes her from the war and mentions Diebenwald. Mrs Kappelbaum is puzzled but relates her history. She and her family were rounded up by the Nazis in the wake of Kristallnacht and sent to the death camp Diebenwald. Her father rebelled and was beaten to death before her eyes. She never saw the rest of her family again. At the ends of the war, as American soldiers were approaching, the camp commandant gave the order to slaughter the prisoners. Suddenly Captain America crashed through the fence on a motorcycle and took out the guards. The commandant took Anna as hostage but Cap disarmed him with his shield and rescued Anna. Cap and the arriving Americans were shocked at what they found…. She thanks Steve for allowing her to talk; he still mourns Sharon and Bucky.

Later that night, Steve receives a call from Nick Fury calling Cap to another mission. Cap agrees to do his duty….

Don Perlin
Don Perlin
George Roussos
Keith Pollard (Cover Penciler)
Joe Sinnott (Cover Inker)
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Captain America
Captain America

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Ms. Marvel

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Plus: Anna Kapplebaum, Josh Cooper, Mike Farrel.

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