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Captain America #240: Review

Dec 1979
Alan Kupperberg, Alan Kupperberg

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Gang Wars!

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3.5 stars

Captain America #240 Review by (March 15, 2014)
Review: Gang wars? Doesn’t that imply two gangs fighting? Well, here we just have Cap warring against a single gang. And it‘s not a bad little tale, with human interest as well as Cap fighting a lot of gangbangers. The Coney Island setting is different too (and contrasts nicely with the mountaintop fortress from the last two issues). No classic but a nice break from the standard superhero stuff.

Comments: The Coney Island Cruisers (minus Big Thunder) return in CAPTAIN AMERICA #309. Last page promises the story “Adonis!” by Roger McKenzie and Rich Buckler which ended up being delayed until #243.


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Captain America #240 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro
Steve Rogers is walking along the beach late at night when he spies thugs from the Coney Island Cruisers threatening an old man. Donning his Captain America outfit he plows into the hoods and drives them off. He learns that the old man, Jacob Kirsch, is the only inhabitant of an abandoned building that the gang has their eye on. Cap goes to a bar where the gang hangs out and beats a bunch of them and forces the toughest, Bobo, to take him to the Cruisers’ leader. Bobo leads him to an arcade which turns out to be a trap—which Cap expected. Again he beats up a bunch of thugs and faces the bearded brute of a boss, Big Thunder. The gang leader reveals that he is trying to cut a deal with the local mob to provide that building as a safe house for the Mafia with Cruisers as security. The gang has captured Mr. Kirsch as hostage; Big Thunder has arranged to "prove" his worth to the mob by bearing up Captain America, which Cap will have to allow or Kirsch dies. The next morning as mob reps watch, the gang boss squares off against the Avenger—and Cap knocks his opponent through the wall and out onto the beach. The hero then leads Big Thunder up the parachute jump ride to the room where the gang is holding Kirsch and manipulates his clumsy opponent into crashing through the window and bowling over his hoods. Cap then punches out Thunder and tosses him down the steps in front of the disappointed mobsters. The gangsters flee as the police are on their way and Cap promises Mr. Kirsch he will help him find new lodgings.

Alan Kupperberg
Don Perlin
George Roussos
Bob Budiansky (Cover Penciler)
Bob Wiacek (Cover Inker)
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