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Captain America #250: Review

Oct 1980
Roger Stern, John Byrne

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Cap for President!

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4 stars

Captain America #250 Review by (October 27, 2010)
Comments: Cameo appearances by others pondering Cap’s candidacy: Nick Fury, Dum-Dum Dugan, Daredevil, Spider-Man, and Dr. Strange. Issue also includes a column by Roger Stern on the genesis of this issue and the results of the Captain America readers’ poll from issue #244. See WHAT IF? #26 to find out what would have happened if Cap had been elected President.


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Captain America #250 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro

One Saturday morning, a gang of terrorists have invaded a hotel suite and taken hostage a congressman and his campaign staff. Suddenly Captain America busts through the door and, in a few swift assured moves, dispatches the bad guys. After the dust has cleared, Samuel T. Underwood, chairman of the National Populist Party convention, thanks Cap and introduces him around to the Party staff. As the veterans among the group crowd around Cap, Underwood is struck with a sudden inspiration: would Cap like to be the party’s candidate for President? He would be ideal since he is a leader, not a politician. Cap says he’ll think about it (though not too seriously) and takes his leave. Underwood then conceives a bit of trickery: present Cap to the public as the candidate and let popular acclaim pressure Cap into accepting….

Back at his apartment house, Steve finally receives the special delivery letter Josh Cooper has been holding for him since issue #247 but Steve puts it to one side to help Bernie Rosenthal move in. Mike Farrel arrives to show them the latest newspaper; according to the headline Captain America is running for President. Steve is further surprised that the idea appeals to his three friends. Later as Captain America he heads to Avengers Mansion where he is mobbed by reporters seeking his opinions on issues of the day (such as OPEC and Soviet expansionism). Inside, Jarvis presents him with telegrams from the two major parties, asking him to be their candidate and Beast does a little campaign song-and-dance for him. He then comes upon Iron Man, Wasp and Vision seriously debating his candidacy—then he receives a phone call from the President offering Secret Service protection. Cap is overwhelmed at how seriously everyone is taking it. All over the city, people are talking about the possibility of Cap as President. At the offices of the Daily Bugle, J. Jonah Jameson is pondering whether to endorse Cap for office—until Robbie Robertson mentions the possibility of Spider-Man as Mayor….

On his way home, Cap stops by the abandoned building that once housed the elementary school he attended all those decades ago. He enters through a window and stands there, recalling civics class with Mrs. Crosley, remembering what she said about the rights and duties of citizenship…and her hope that each one of her students would one day come to the aid of their country. As a result he addresses the National Populist Party convention and the nation, explaining how he pledged to uphold the American Dream—and how that pledge would be compromised by the day-to-day task of governing the American reality. And so he declines the nomination for President. "A man does what he must—in spite of personal consequences, in spite of obstacles, dangers and pressures—and that is the basis of all human morality."—John F. Kennedy.

John Byrne
Joe Rubinstein
George Roussos
John Byrne (Cover Penciler)
Joe Rubinstein (Cover Inker)
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Plus: American Dream, Bernie Rosenthal, Josh Cooper, Mike Farrel.

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