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Captain America #261: Review

Sep 1981
J. M. DeMatteis, Mike Zeck

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Celluloid Heroes!

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3 stars

Captain America #261 Review by (June 29, 2014)
Review: Yeah, we knew the new Nomad was a baddie—and we can probably guess who the Teacher is with that cigarette holder. After a series of one issue stories we have this three-parter which reintroduces one of the goofier adversaries, the Ameridroid (he’s a giant Captain America!) in a fairly routine “destroy Cap’s reputation” plot. It’s fast-paced and action-filled though familiar—with the Nihilist order being very similar to the National Front a few years earlier, also involving an alt-Cap and a familiar villain. Ho hum. Even the opening bar visit of the three pals isn’t particularly interesting, though Cap and Falcon’s scolding by the police officer was about the level of irony that Marvel was up to. Aaaanyway, okay story and art, not bad for 80s Marvel.

Comments: Part one of three parts. Odd cameo: On page 9, the bottom half of Iron Man can be spotted in a panel; he is otherwise not seen or mentioned in the story. Snide joke: There is mention of an actress named Suzanne D’Immbulb, pronounced “dim bulb” a term for “stupid.” And it has been established elsewhere that Steve cannot get drunk; I'm guessing that detail was devised after this tale.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Captain America #261 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro

Steve Rogers is having a good time at a bar with his friends Sam (the Falcon) Wilson and Josh Cooper. They are all a bit tipsy when they leave; they witness a mugging in a nearby alley. Steve and Sam take on the two thugs and have a little trouble beating them because of their drunken state. When the police arrive, an officer scolds them for putting themselves in such a dangerous situation….

The next morning, Captain America and the Falcon head to Avengers Mansion, unaware that they are under surveillance by a phony bag lady; she reports back to her mysterious Teacher and his henchman the Ameridroid….

At the Mansion, Cap receives a telegram inviting him to take part in a Hollywood movie based on his life. While he is pondering the offer, the TV reports that the New York-based hero Nomad is now in Los Angeles cleaning up crime. The problem? Nomad was Captain America when he briefly abandoned his role in protest (issues #176 and following). Cap decides to take Galactic Pictures up on their offer so he can head to LA to investigate….

Cap arrives at the LA airport which is being attacked by two terrorists of the Nihilist Order; Cap goes into action—but the new Nomad appears from nowhere and takes down the two baddies while making Cap look slow and clumsy. Newsman Will Brynner covers the story for the TV news. Cap is met by studio staffer Wally Lumbego who escorts him to the movie studio. [At the terrorist base the hooded Teacher chastises an Order member for sleeping on the job (by hurling her against a wall). Teacher then puts the Ameridroid in a machine which reviews his origin (CAP #218-221) and reinforces his loyalty to the scheme.] At the studio, Cap is rushed into a press appearance to promote the film; he meets producer (and Wally’s uncle) Leonard Spellman and star Jason Staid. The event ends with the unveiling of a huge statue of Captain America. Spellman is then shot by a Nihilist Order member disguised as a reporter. Cap pursues her and she leads him into a trap; Order members in a getaway copter open fire on him. Nomad arrives and all of a sudden Cap is having trouble controlling his shield. When he catches hold of the copter’s rope ladder, Nomad shoots at the bad guys and Cap falls to the ground to avoid being hit. As Nomad plays to the press, Cap is increasingly suspicious of him…

…and with good reason: Nomad is working for the Nihilist Order. He used a magnet to throw Cap’s shield off course but didn’t count on Cap being so agile. The Teacher smacks him for failing in the plan to publicly humiliate Captain America….

Mike Zeck
Don Warfield
Mike Zeck (Cover Penciler)
Mike Zeck (Cover Inker)


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