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Captain America #259: Review

Jul 1981
David Michelinie, Mike Zeck

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Rite of Passage!

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3.5 stars

Captain America #259 Review by (June 15, 2014)
Review: A nice human interest story focusing on bridging the generation gap and reconciling a father and son. The problem is that it’s masquerading as an action story. It looks like Doc Ock was brought in just to make this look like a superhero book. Ock is no match for Cap and his scheme (“Beat up Captain America and steal his shield.”) is pretty lame—I thought this guy was a genius? Anyway it’s the people that count, not the superheroics and for that I’m grateful.

Comments: So far as I know, Doc Ock never follows up on this threat. Future comics writer Barry Dutter has a letter on the letters page.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Captain America #259 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro

An odd sensation awakens Steve Rogers in the wee small hours of the night. Since it is near dawn, Steve fixes himself breakfast and dons his Captain America togs for a quick trip across the rooftops to Avengers Mansion; he can’t shake the feeling he is being followed but when he looks around, no one is there. He arrives at the Mansion and uses the gym for a workout. Jarvis asks why Cap doesn’t just live at the mansion; Cap replies that part of him still wants to experience the life of a civilian. Cap receives a letter from an old Army buddy named Ray Coulson; the hero recalls how during the War, he borrowed Ray’s motorcycle to complete an important mission. Visiting Ray’s motorcycle shop, Cap is greeted by his old comrade. Ray Coulson explains that his son John has taken up with a biker gang called the Huns; he wants Cap to find John and deliver an apology for not being a better father….

After some asking around, Cap finds the hangout of the Huns in an old barn in the country. He walks in and announces that he has a message for John Coulson; the gang leaders tell him he must first pass a test to talk to one of their members and Cap agrees. The test involves Cap having his arms tied to two cycles about to move in opposite directions; just as the cycles start up, Doctor Octopus (the one who has been tailing Cap the whole issue) burst in and snatches Cap’s shield. Doc Ock wants to analyze the shield to see if he can recreate the rare alloy to improve his own appendages. Cap rips the ropes from the cycles and does battle with the baddie. After some skirmishing Cap clobbers Ock and chains him up; the villain offers a reward to the bikers to help him but they refuse since Cap has proved himself in their eyes. The disgruntled villain exits by a hole he smashes in the roof. John Couslon then listens to the message from his father, an apology for the way he has been in the past; John is surprised that Cap wasn’t sent to take him back, that his dad will let him makes his own decision. The message delivered, Cap departs….

Epilogue: John returns home to his grateful father.

Addendum: John stops by Avengers Mansion to present Cap with a customized motorcycle as a way of paying the debt he owes the hero; Cap thanks him.

Mike Zeck
Roger Slifer
Mike Zeck (Cover Penciler)
Mike Zeck (Cover Inker)
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