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Captain America #287: Review

Nov 1983
J. M. DeMatteis, Mike Zeck

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Future Shock

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2 stars

Captain America #287 Review by (May 10, 2010)
Comments: Part two of a four-part story. The Deathlok future is designated Earth-7484. Cameo by Quasar in one of the flashbacks. First appearance of [spoiler alert!] Sister Pleasure/Raunch. Bernie’s sister Nancy was called Jeannie in issue 286. Buyer beware: the TPB CAPTAIN AMERICA : DEATHLOK LIVES contains only issues 286-288 and even then the material is edited and rearranged, with the Bernie and Nomad pages omitted. Review: Pointless action scenes + mediocre 80s art + a vain attempt to summarize the previous issue = marginally passable entertainment.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Captain America #287 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro

Captain America fights Deathlok the Demolisher, discovering that the cyborg’s mind has been wiped of all memories and he no longer knows who Luther Manning is. While punching him, Cap exhorts his foe to overcome his programming and save the dying Manning clone. Deathlok knocks Cap out and goes over to examine the critically injured clone. When the clone seizes Deathlok’s hand, all of his memories return of his brutal treatment at the hands of the Brand Corporation. The berserk cyborg kills the guards and rescues Cap from their clutches; on the way out of the building, Deathlok ignites an explosion that destroys the complex and all inside, to Cap’s horror.

Interlude 1: Bernie’s parents are annoyed that Steve cancelled his visit at the last minute; Bernie knows that it’s because he is Captain America but can’t say anything.

Interlude 2: On late night patrol, Nomad spies two hoods holding up a young woman in an alley. He intervenes and knocks them unconscious then realizes the grateful victim is quite attractive.

Cap and Deathlok bury the body of the clone on the grounds nearby and Cap asks how the world of Deathlok’s day became such a living hell. The cyborg replies that in 1983—this year—all the superheroes suddenly vanished; he then heads for the train station where Godwulf can return him to his own time. Cap pursues and catches up to Deathlok just as he vanishes—and Cap is also pulled into the future by the time machine. Godwulf is astonished to meet Captain America up close; when the Avenger asks for a more detailed explanation, Godwulf takes him outside—to see the desolate wasteland that is New York City of 1991.

Mike Zeck
John Beatty
Bob Sharen
Mike Zeck (Cover Penciler)
John Beatty (Cover Inker)


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Captain America
Captain America

(Steve Rogers)

Plus: Bernie Rosenthal, Godwulf, Nomad (Jack Monroe), Sister Pleasure.

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