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Captain America #4: Review

Apr 1998
Mark Waid, Ron Garney

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4 stars

Captain America #4 Review by (April 14, 2012)
Review: Cap finally comes face-to-face with the fury of Capmania in the USA and he is staggered by the mindless hero worship, causing him to rethink his mission. It is a maturer vision of Captain America than we’ve had up to this point, especially as he disdains “superhero battles” for their own sake, such as the pointless fight with Batroc. Hawkeye eats it all up, and is presented as more of a wise guy and jokester than usual but it doesn’t hurt the story. Another fine issue.

Comments: First appearance by Councilman Andrew Bolt, who will make a few more appearances over the next several issues. The letters page includes the dialogue that was accidentally omitted from the previous issue. The Sharon Carter subplot is a teaser for the FURY/AGENT 13 limited series. Sign of the times: a reference to the Spice Girls. Sensational Hydra’s quote, “Don’t ask! Just buy it!” was the tagline for Jack Kirby’s run on JIMMY OLSEN for DC.


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Captain America #4 Synopsis by Kevin Hollander

Captain America teams up with Hawkeye to stop a Hydra agent from unleashing a nerve gas in Times Square. Once the threat has passed, Cap's adoring fans swarm him for autographs, which continue to embarrass him. Among the crowd is Congressional candidate Andrew Bolt, asking Cap for his endorsement. Cap politely declines stating that he doesn't publicly support any politician, but wishes him the best of luck.

Back at Avengers' Mansion, Cap complains to Hawkeye that he is unable to go anywhere without being mobbed by the public. He's accustomed to being popular, but this is more than he can handle. Hawkeye suggests that they leave the masks behind and grab a burger as "Steve" and "Clint". This does not stop Clint from tormenting Steve by purchasing several Captain America items and going on camera to tell exaggerated stories about his (Cap's) accomplishments.

Elsewhere Sharon Carter has rejoined S.H.I.E.L.D. In an effort to discover why she was abandoned by them so many years ago. (Sharon "died" in Cap Vol. 1 #237. She returned in issue #445 and life in exile was explained in #454). She soon discovers that the body of recently interred Nick Fury (Over The Edge: Omega) has been transferred to a cryogenics facility. (This story is continued in Fury/Agent 13 limited series)

Back in New York, Clint has finished up his round of accolades for Captain America. As they part ways, Clint admits that despite the grandstanding actions, Steve deserves all of this attention. Steve wanders around thinking about his role in current society when Batroc makes his appearance and calls out Captain America. Back at Hydra headquarters, the Sensational Hydra, watches the proceedings aware of the outcome; it's part of his plan.

Steve puts on his costume and initially refuses to fight Batroc. When Batroc attacks, Hawkeye appears after hearing the commotion to defend his teammate. Batroc takes out Hawkeye quickly leaving only the reluctant Cap to stop him. During the fight, Batroc reveals that while Hydra paid him to take a fall, he refuses to do so for a worthy opponent like him. Cap ultimately defeats Batroc, causing him to retreat. When Cap begins complaining that this battle served no real purpose, Hawkeye reminds him that even small things like this can inspire people. With this Cap begins to accept his role.

On Skull Island, the shadow-being that was once the Red Skull appears, burning the skin off the remaining guards as a sign of his return.

Ron Garney
Bob Wiacek
Joe Rosas
Ron Garney (Cover Penciler)
Ron Garney (Cover Inker)
Atomic Paintbrush (Cover Colorist)


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Batroc the Leaper
Batroc the Leaper

(Georges Batroc)
Captain America
Captain America

(Steve Rogers)

(Clint Barton)
Red Skull
Red Skull

(Johann Shmidt)

Plus: Hordes of HYDRA, Sensational Hydra.

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