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Captain America #7: Review

Jul 1998
Mark Waid, Dale Eaglesham

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Power And Glory Chapter 3: Hoaxed

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4 stars

Captain America #7 Review by (April 14, 2012)
Review: And so “Captain America—Icon” concludes with a the revelation that his status as the larger-than-life symbol was merely part of an enemy scheme but fortunately, Waid does not duck the underlying questions he posed in issue #1. What is Cap’s role in society? In a concluding three-page speech by Cap on the matter he stresses how we don’t know what the American Dream is anymore but his role is to serve the people as we slowly figure out what we stand for an what we want to be. I like how Waid provides no easy answers though he still seems a bit optimistic about a country that no longer has any shared values. Garney’s contributions are a terrific portrait of Cap clobbering the Skrull and the moving final page of Cap at the Statue of Liberty.

Comments: Guest appearances by Iron Man, Thor, Scarlet Witch, Hawkeye, Quicksilver, Mr. Fantastic, the Thing.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Captain America #7 Synopsis by Kevin Hollander

Welcome to the The United States of Total Chaos. As part of his master plan, a Skrull commander impersonated Captain America and convinced everyone that 1 in every 20 Americans is secretly a Skrull. Americans began turning on each other immediately. Everyone that looks or acts different is considered to be a Skrull.

For his part, Steve Rogers has temporarily abandoned the identity of Captain America as his iconic presence was the catalyst for these riots. He has contacted Reed Richards and Tony Stark to work on a device which will hopefully end the riots while the rest of the Avengers do what they can to calm the crowds down.

Watching the news for any signs of Captain America, the Skrull commander becomes impatient when Cap is nowhere to be found. He morphs into Cap once again and calls for another press conference. Rogers realizes that this is the only chance that they'll have to use Stark & Richards' device.

They quickly make their way to the television studio (via Quicksilver express) and expose him to a ray which temporarily reverts him back to his Skrull form. A now-costumed Captain America overpowers the Skrull while members of the press corps watch. With the help of his teammates and The Thing, Cap eventually captures the Skrull. Mr. Fantastic instructs them to immediately inform the public that the Skrull "invasion" was a hoax.

At a follow-up a conference, the real Cap explains what happened. He explains that the wave of "Capmania" is to blame for this latest ordeal. He states that everyone shares responsibility for this, himself included. He admits to becoming overconfident due to the constant accolades. This allowed the Skrull's plan to reach fruition.

He then states that the public went along with "his" every word because he hasn't clearly defined his role in current society. He is not here to lead the American people, but to help them reach their ultimate destiny: a land of justice, equality, and peace. He wants to help turn the American dream into "an American reality."

Dale Eaglesham
Jesse Delperdang
Joe Rosas
Andy Kubert (Cover Penciler)
Jesse Delperdang (Cover Inker)


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