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Captain America #25: Review

Jan 2000
Dan Jurgens, Andy Kubert

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Twisted Tomorrows: Part 1 of 3

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4 stars

Captain America #25 Review by (February 19, 2018)

Comments: “Special Anniversary Edition!” “Giant-Sized Spectacular!” Oddly, the issue includes a one-page summary of Cap's origin in the middle of the main story. Nick Fury was apparently killed by the Punisher in the obscure comic DOUBLE EDGE: OMEGA 1. And Stanley Klein returns in issue #32.

Review: Of all Marvel villains, I abhor the Hate Monger the most. True, the Nazi Red Skull is most despicable in his genocidal fanaticism but Hate Monger is a frequent reminder that Hitler's ideals can be found in America, even in the 21st Century. I'm writing this at the beginning of 2018 after Alt-Right and similar white supremacist groups have been getting more attention in the news and it scares me. The one saving grace of this three-issue arc is the larger-than-life superhero exploits which serve to distance the grim subject matter from the reader. Thanks, guys!


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Captain America #25 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro
Image from Captain America #25

A fugitive runs through an Idaho woodland pursued by uniformed guards with ferocious dogs; this runner is revealed to be Nick Fury and he is caught by his pursuers before he can reach his SHIELD GPS hidden in a tree stump. Fury is taken back to the guards' unnamed Master....

In New York, a gang of terrorists are holding hostages in a restaurant. Captain America, alerted to the situation, rides his motorcycle through the restaurant's entrance and quickly takes down the bad guys. The rescued patrons are grateful, and one of them, an elderly man named Stanley Klein, saw Cap during the War—and Cap remembers him. There is a brief moment of sorrow when Klein mentions Bucky but Cap recovers quickly. Outside the police detective in charge is likewise grateful and offers to repair the damage to his cycle. Cap takes the rooftop route back to Avengers Mansion but realizes he is being followed. He doubles back and confronts his pursuers, who turn out to be three young SHIELD agents, Corbin, Pyle, and Billups. They are nervous in Cap's presence so Cap talks directly to their commander Dum Dum Dugan over the radio. Dugan tells Cap he is not under arrest but is wanted at SHIELD HQ....

At SHIELD HQ, Cap finds his former partner the Falcon there. Dugan fills them in: a white supremacist group has kidnapped General McAllister Groves, an African America serviceman, and used his ID card to get into a top-secret facility and steal a deadly load of anthrax. Nick Fury (presumed dead at this point) went in undercover and has been captured. SHIELD needs Cap and the Falcon to go in....

Interlude 1: Sharon Carter and Turkish Secret Service Director Mehmet Kemel, who has been transformed into an ankylosaurus (don't believe me? See issue #21), hijacks a plane and heads out of Turkey....

Interlude 2: The three young SHIELD agents, Corbin, Pyle, and Billups, who flubbed their assignment to find Cap, are reassigned to catalog an enormous warehouse of stuff accumulated by the US Government since World War 1....

In Idaho, Cap and Falcon are undercover as a couple of fishermen; Sam keeps annoying Steve by talking about Sharon and Connie Ferrari. Suddenly their boat is capsized by Nazi divers but the two heroes quickly change into their costumes and make short work of the team of divers. Then a pair of helicopters open fire on them; each hero takes down one craft—then a gas bomb is detonated. As Cap and Falcon succumb to the knockout gas, the enemy leader comes forward—the Hate Monger....

2. “Fast Lane Part 2: Feel the Rush”

Writer: Glenn Herdling. Pencils: Gregg Schigiel. Inks: Richard Case. Colors: Paul Mounts.

Synopsis: An anti-drug public service announcement featuring Spider-Man appearing in several Marvel comics this month.

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Andy Kubert
Dan Green
Gregory Wright
Andy Kubert (Cover Penciler)
Dan Green (Cover Inker)
Chris Sotomayor (Cover Colorist)


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