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Captain America #32: Review

Aug 2000
Dan Jurgens, Jerry Ordway

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5 stars

Captain America #32 Review by (January 11, 2013)
Review: A sweet tale of heroism, honor for veterans, and a larger-than-life hero; what else is necessary?

Comments: First appearance of SHIELD Agent Cameron Klein. The appearances of Bucky and the Howling Commandos are little more than cameos in the combat sequence. Historical inaccuracy: an African-American soldier is shown among Stan’s comrades; the US Army was segregated during World War 2. Reprinted in CAPTAIN AMERICA THEATER OF WAR: AMERICA THE BEAUTIFUL.


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Captain America #32 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro

SHIELD Agent Cameron Klein arrives at Avengers Mansion with an urgent summons for Captain America to head to a hospital in Upstate New York. They take off in a hovercar but Cap quickly realizes he is a fake since he didn’t give the code word from Nick Fury. Fury appears on the communicator and tells Cap to go along with Klein….

Thirteen hours earlier, at an annual gathering of the Klein family, patriarch Stanley Klein assembles his great-grandchildren to tell them the story of what he did in the war. He tells how he was at the Battle of the Bulge in December 1944, camped in the snow with his company, dreaming about going home to his girlfriend Shirley when the enemy suddenly attacked. The first volley of shells killed most of Stan’s outfit right away. The following fighting was intense and chaotic and lasted for hours. Finally the small band of Americans was trapped and it looked like the end but Captain America arrived leading the Howling Commandos to save the day. Cap returned to Stan the photo of Shirley he had lost in the fracas. Shortly after finishing this tale for his family, Stan suffers a heart attack….

Now Cameron Klein arrives at the hospital where his grandfather is dying, bringing Cap and Nick Fury. They head to the bedside of the old veteran who thanks Cap for saving his life all those years ago. Stan gives Cap his Purple Heart, since his whole family owes their lives to him. Stan passes away quietly and Cameron apologizes for lying to Cap but he and Fury assure the young agent that you always do what you can for a fellow soldier.

Jerry Ordway
Jerry Ordway
Gregory Wright
Andy Kubert (Cover Penciler)
Andy Kubert (Cover Inker)
Richard Isanove (Cover Colorist)


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Bucky Barnes
Bucky Barnes

(James Barnes)
Captain America
Captain America

(Steve Rogers)

(Edwin Jarvis)

Plus: Cameron Klein, Howling Commandos.

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