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Captain America #40: Review

Apr 2001
Dan Jurgens, Dan Jurgens

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Fighting Back

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3 stars

Captain America #40 Review by (May 31, 2010)
Comments: Part two of a two part story. Review: Another annoying issue, with Connie still being presented as the shrill mouthpiece for a position instead of a real character. Meanwhile, Cap comes across as a bit of a jerk who hasn’t read the Bill of Rights. Isn’t contempt for due process more Batman than Captain America?


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Captain America #40 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro
Captain America appears at the Manhattan Criminal Court Building, where Chet Madden’s hearing is about to start. Connie Ferrari promises an aggressive defense. Steve speaks to her briefly outside but their philosophical positions continue to divide them: Steve knows Madden is guilty and thinks Connie is doing something wrong by defending him; Connie believes defendants are innocent until proven guilty and deserve the protection of their Constitutional rights. As the pretrial begins, Connie points out the weakness of the prosecution’s evidence and the judge is inclined to agree, stunning Steve. He rushes out angrily, meeting Sharon Carter, who reveals that the prosecution’s case is very weak, since AIM agents destroyed any solid evidence. Steve determines to find that evidence. Cap takes Cameron Klein out to the AIM complex in Iowa and they search the premises, finding nothing. Later, at SHIELD’s prison, two AIM agents rescue traitor Clete Billups, though one of the agents is wounded in a gunfight with Dum Dum Dugan. The AIM agents have Billups take them to the AIM hideout at Far Point where they reveal themselves as Captain America and Sharon Carter. As SHIELD destroys the complex, Cap and Sharon prevent AIM from purging their files. A short time later in the courtroom, Cap presents the judge with all the evidence of AIM’s activities and the judge decides that the trial will proceed.

Dan Jurgens
Bob Layton
Digital Chameleon
Dan Jurgens (Cover Penciler)
Dan Jurgens (Cover Inker)


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