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Captain America #42: Review

Jun 2001
Dan Jurgens, Dan Jurgens

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3 stars

Captain America #42 Review by (May 31, 2010)
Part one of a three-part story. The Midnight Racer is fictitious; no such radio show existed.


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Captain America #42 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro
Wearing a stealth suit, Captain America parachutes into former Soviet Republic of Khamiskan; his mission: rescue Nick Fury. He recalls the events leading up to this moment: his girlfriend Connie Ferrari presented him with a poster from the old radio show, The Midnight Racer, and spotting a WW2 photo on his wall was reminded of her brother David who died in an Army hazing incident. While Connie was out of the room, Steve was contacted by Sharon Carter asking him to find Fury, warning him also of a villain who calls himself The Answer. In Khamiskan, Cap comes across some refugees watching over a sick woman; he contributes the medicine from his first-aid kit and asks for aid in finding his friend. Suddenly Cap is attacked by the Crimson Dynamo. Cap battles furiously, hoping the Russian armor is wearing out and the man wearing it is inexperienced; he managed to set his foe on fire but the Dynamo has back-up: The Answer. Cap recognizes this masked interloper as David Ferrari and gives battle but he is overpowered by the Crimson Dynamo while distracted by The Answer. Cap then receives a shock: The Answer unmasks to reveal he is Nick Fury....

Dan Jurgens
Bob Layton
Avalon's Bart
Dan Jurgens (Cover Penciler)
? (Cover Inker)


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Captain America
Captain America

(Steve Rogers)

Plus: Connie Ferrari, Crimson Dynamo (Anton Vanko), The Answer (David Ferrari).

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