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Captain America #27: Review

Mar 2000
Dan Jurgens, Andy Kubert

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Twisted Tomorrows: Part 3 of 3

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4 stars

Captain America #27 Review by (March 6, 2018)

Review: See issue #25 for a full review of this storyline. Though I may add here that Cap's actions are more than a little over-the-top as he frees Falcon from a rocket by hurling his shield.

Comments: Issue includes a pin-up of Cap by Dan Jurgens and Dan Green. The Midnight Racer is fictitious; no such radio show existed. Hate Monger returns in issues #45-48.


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Captain America #27 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro
Image from Captain America #27

Captain America struggles against the soldiers of the Hate Monger, trying to reach the rocket launchers primed with deadly anthrax and each with a hostage (Falcon, General Groves) chained to the front. Cap fights his way through the troops and goes toe-to-toe with the Hate Monger. He forces the villain's arm holding his shield under the rocket's exhaust until the swastika is burned off, then the missiles launch. Cap hurls his shield so that it breaks Falcon's chains, releasing him and the winged hero takes over from there. He removes the anthrax payloads and frees General Groves, carrying him safely to the ground. As Nick Fury mixes it up with the villain's troops, Cap grabs a motorcycle and pursues the Hate Monger, escaping in a jeep. Cap overturns the jeep, takes down the villain's driver, and sees the Hate Monger leap from a cliff into a river. Cap dives in after him but discovers only empty robes, the villain having escaped. SHIELD soon arrives to mop up the operation and Fury sets fire to the Nazi flag....

Interlude 1: Sharon Carter and Turkish Secret Service Director Mehmet Kemel, who has been transformed into an ankylosaurus have crash-landed in the Savage Land. Then they are snagged in a trap....

Interlude 2: SHIELD agent Billups, revealed to be a traitor last issue, delivers the stolen crate to his real masters at A.I.M. and they are impressed by what is inside....

Epilogue: Nick Fury stops by to see Steve Rogers and, to thank him for rescuing him from the pit, gives Steve a CD. It has secret government recordings of the lost radio show The Midnight Racer, Steve's childhood favorite. The two old guys settle back with drinks and listen, feeling like kids again....

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Andy Kubert
Dan Green
Gregory Wright
Andy Kubert (Cover Penciler)
Andy Kubert (Cover Inker)
Chris Sotomayor (Cover Colorist)


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