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Captain America #10: Review

Apr 2012
Ed Brubaker, Alan Davis

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Powerless, Part 5

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2 stars

Captain America #10 Review by (April 29, 2012)
Review: So that’s it? The supposedly shattered hero Cap is miraculously cured of his ailment, throws some punches, the main villain walks away for some unexplained reason, and Tony Stark magically cures everyone else. Nothing compelling, nothing particularly interesting. Hope the next story is better.

Comments: The final page includes an appreciation of Marvel Comics and Captain America by KJ Ricci, a nine-year-old boy fighting leukemia.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Captain America #10 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro

Sharon Carter arrives at Avengers Mansion with the cure for the nanotech virus which is rendering Captain America powerless. Tony Stark calibrates his technology and it disintegrates nanites in Steve’s bloodstream restoring him to the buff hero he should be. As Cap intends to track down Bravo and the Hydra Queen, Hawkeye reports in with some bad news. Falcon was infected by a Madbomb (last issue) and now he is inciting a major riot downtown. Cap and Sharon head out while Tony works on a means of reversing the Madbomb’s effects.

Hawkeye is fighting off a mob of attackers when he discovers that some of them are wearing Hydra uniforms under their clothes. Before he can react, the maddened Falcon swoops down and overpowers him, preparing to stab the archer to death with his own arrows. Cap arrives in the nick of time and goes toe-to-toe with his pal until he is suddenly zapped from behind. It is Codename: Bravo, who beats Cap while the Falcon holds him. Suddenly, Bravo gets a call and must take his leave, allowing Falcon to attempt to kill Cap with a huge rock. At this moment, Iron Man flies overhead with a device that counteracts the madness. As Falcon snaps out of his homicidal rage, Cap assures him that he was about to overcome it on his own.

Later Steve questions Sharon as to what sort of deal she made with Machinesmith for him to reveal the secret of Cap’s loss of power; she reveals that there was a virus in the robot body the villain occupied. Cut to: Machinesmith’s audience with the Hydra Queen and Bravo. As he is explaining his new scheme to them, he suddenly forgets what he was talking about in the middle of a sentence….

Alan Davis
Mark Farmer
Laura Martin
Alan Davis (Cover Penciler)
Mark Farmer (Cover Inker)
Laura Martin (Cover Colorist)


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Captain America
Captain America

(Steve Rogers)

(Sam Wilson)

(Clint Barton)
Iron Man
Iron Man

(Tony Stark)

Plus: Codename: Bravo, Hordes of HYDRA, Hydra Queen, Machinesmith.

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