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Captain America #13: Review

Jun 2012
Ed Brubaker, Patrick Zircher

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Shock to the System, Part 3

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3 stars

Captain America #13 Review by (June 16, 2012)
Review: “To be concluded” next issue? The story has barely started! Seems more like a brief episode in Hydra’s plot against Cap than a real story—and I’m starting to get the suspicion that this will end with Ed Brubaker killing off D-Man next issue. That said, Patch Zircher is a worthy successor to Steve Epting, Butch Guice, and Alan Davis as a Cap artist. Just wish the story was as compelling as the art.

Comments: Roger Gocking (now Manning in the Witness Protection Program) was the second Porcupine, introduced and DAUGHTERS OF THE DRAGON #3; he also appeared briefly in issues of THUNDERBOLTS and DOOMWAR.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Captain America #13 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro

At LaGuardia Airport, Jack Garrett is on the run, escaping arrest for selling information from the SHIELD Witness Protection Program to the new Scourge of the Underworld. Suddenly he is confronted by Captain America; he opens fire and runs through the airport; cornered he takes a child hostage. Cap whips his shield into action…and takes out two Hydra agents who were sent to assassinate Garrett to keep him from talking to the authorities. Cap seizes him and demands to know what information he gave Henry Peter Gyrich….

At their hideout, the Scourge—Dennis Dunphy, the former Cap-ally known as D-Man, confronts Gyrich his handler demanding to know what they did to his brain to bring him under control. He hurls Gyrich across the room…and the ex-agent activates a small device and suddenly Dunphy is docile and obedient once more. Gyrich tells him to rest up for tomorrow’s mission….

Jack Barrett calls Gyrich to a late night meeting in a Washington park. Suddenly Gyrich realizes it’s a trap and he tries to flee but he is captured by Sharon Carter and Dum Dum Dugan. As he is taken away, the brainwashed ex-agent insists he is the hero fighting back against a corrupt system…

In sick bay, injured Diamondback comes out of her coma and tells Dugan that the new Scourge is D-Man, insisting Cap must be told immediately….

At the Baltimore shipyards, a worker named Roger Manning—formerly the second Porcupine—is leaving when Captain America appears and carries him out of the way of sniper fire. On a nearby rooftop, Scourge has second thought about harming his old pal Cap but Gyrich’s conditioning is too strong, the voice in his head to loud and he finds himself lining up his next shot at Captain America ….

Patrick Zircher
Patrick Zircher
Paul Mounts
Patrick Zircher (Cover Penciler)
Patrick Zircher (Cover Inker)
Matt Hollingsworth (Cover Colorist)


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Captain America
Captain America

(Steve Rogers)

(Rachel Leighton)

Plus: D-Man (Demolition Man), Hordes of HYDRA, Scourge (Scourge of the Underworld).

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