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Captain America: Steve Rogers #18: Review

Jun 2017
Nick Spencer, Javier Pina

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4 stars

Captain America: Steve Rogers #18 Review by (June 25, 2017)
Comments: SECRET EMPIRE tie-in: Issue takes place after the Sub-Mariner's appearance in SECRET EMPIRE #4 but he ponders the events leading up to that moment. The scene depicted on the cover does not take place in the issue, not even metaphorically. Donny Cates is listed as co-writer.

Review: Another chilling episode, as we see just how ruthless Hydra-controlled Steve Rogers can be. And it is often very difficult to feel sorry for Namor but this time it seems appropriate.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Captain America: Steve Rogers #18 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro

Prince Namor, the Sub-Mariner, broods over recent events: With the United Nations delegates trapped in the Darkforce Dimension, an interim team meets in Brussels to be addressed by Steve Rogers, Captain America, and Supreme Leader of Hydra. Rogers enters the hall and announces there will be no discussion or questions, he is there to announce that Hydra will no longer ignore other nations' attacks on Hydra or its territories and any offender will be cut off from American trade or aid....

As Rogers addresses the UN, we see foreign heroes acting against Hydra. Israeli Sabra invades Hydra data storage. Euroforce battles Hydra goons in Paris. The Chinese Ascendants stand up to Hydra invaders in South China.

Rogers announces that Hydra no longer cares about the world's opinion, expecting the other nations to accept the new reality under threat of invasion. He is interrupted by a broadcast from the Black Panther. T'Challa outlines how Arnim Zola has tried to conquer Wakanda three three times with his army being repulsed three times. The Panther now challenges Steve Rogers to come see for himself. Angered, Rogers leaves with his entourage and encounters Namor and his guards coming in. They spar verbally, with Namor denying possession of a fragment of the Cosmic Cube. Rogers leaves him with a veiled threat....

Namor reflects on how he did not heed that advice, leading to Hydra's destruction of Atlantis' temple (SECRET EMPIRE #3) and his handing over the fragment as a sign of his surrender....  

Javier Pina
Andres Guinaldo Isabel
Rachelle Rosenberg
Elizabeth Torque (Cover Penciler)
Elizabeth Torque (Cover Inker)
Elizabeth Torque (Cover Colorist)

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