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Civil War #2: Review

Aug 2015
Charles Soule, Leinil Francis Yu

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3.5 stars

Civil War #2 Review by (August 8, 2015)
Comments: Part two of five parts. The Civil War Venom was Mac Gargan who is said to have been killed in the explosion that devastated New York in issue #1; it seems too early for Flash Thompson to be inside the symbiote; I have no idea where Eddie Brock may be, therefore I can’t positively identify Venom.

Review: This would best be reviewed at the end. So you’ll have to wait it out.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Civil War #2 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro

In the wake of the assassination of Miriam Sharpe, hostilities between the Iron (ruled by Tony Stark) and the Blue (led by Steve Rogers) are nearing a breaking point. Tony sends a drone aircraft into the Blue to trail the shooter. The drone is intercepted by Storm, who utters a challenge then disables the craft with lightning. She takes the debris to Steeltown where she turns it over to Colossus, who removes the brain to send to Steve. He and Magneto turn the drone into a huge cannonball and launch it all the way to Stark’s capital Resilient Alpha where it hits Tony’s window with the message, “Next time, it’s a Hulk!” This gives him an idea: he calls She-Hulk and informs her that there seems to be a mystery agent playing the two sides against each other. He dispatches her on an undercover mission into the Blue….


Meanwhile, Peter Parker tries to nag Steve into acting against the incursion; Steve counsels patience. They head to Hank McCoy’s lab where he is testing Project Bellcurve, a device which can de-power superhumans. It works successfully on the Sandman, removing his gritty abilities. The problem is, that the resources required to activate the device are scarce, in fact, they can only be found in the Iron. Peter assembles a commando team to go in and locate this element: Elektra, Black Panther (Azari), and Venom (see Comments). They parachute in under cover of night—and are immediately attacked by giant Sentinels which resemble Iron Man….


Elsewhere, Jennifer Walters (in disguise) applies for entry to Steeltown; her forged papers do the trick—but there is one thing Tony did not foresee: a psychic scan, performed by none other than Professor Xavier himself….

Leinil Francis Yu
Gerry Alanguilan
Sunny Gho
Leinil Francis Yu (Cover Penciler)
Leinil Francis Yu (Cover Inker)
Sunny Gho (Cover Colorist)


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Black Panther
Black Panther

Captain America
Captain America

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Iron Man
Iron Man

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