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Civil War II #0: Review

May 2016
Brian Michael Bendis, Olivier Coipel

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4 stars

Civil War II #0 Review by (May 21, 2016)
This is a bit weak as an intro to Civil War II.
It does introduce the central character Ulysses, but without telling us why he's important.
It shows us a lot about 1 of the 2 main protagonists Captain Marvel. (But doesn't do more than mention the other, Iron Man, even though he's on the cover.) Along the way it reminds us she's currently involved with A-Force, Alpha Flight and the Ultimates - which is why she's overworked and Samson's been sent to check up on her.
She-Hulk and War Machine who die in Free Comic Book Day 2016 Civil War II have been given a last chance to shine here. War Machine certainly ends on a high being groomed for the Presidency. But She-Hulk ends on a low as her client goes to jail and gets killed.

There's a joking reference here to the fact that Doc Samson died a long time ago, well before Secret Wars in Hulk #610. He was seen dead in Chaos War and elsewhere. In the post-SW Deadpool #7 DP digs up his corpse. But now he's suddenly alive. And the DP 'appearance' means it's not just the same as some other cases where people who died before SW are now alive after SW.

The Triskelion existed in the Ultimate Universe as the base for the Ultimates and SHIELD. In the Ultimate End series within SW the Triskelion and Avengers Tower both existed in a cobbled-together Manhattan. Now in the post-SW reality the Triskelion still exists and is the base for the new Ultimates and the new Alpha Flight and the Wakandan Embassy.

Various comics have already been published cover-bannered Road To Civil War II:-

Invincible Iron Man #7-11. Iron Man and War Machine face Japanese mystical techno-ninjas who steal their armour. While Tony Stark fakes his own death to go undercover for weeks, his company faces takeover. The story arc concludes without much resolution. This doesn't appear to have anything specifically to do with CWII, unless it's a last hurrah for War Machine before he dies.
All-New Wolverine #8-9. Laura-Wolverine helps SHIELD fight Fin Fang Foom and look for their missing agent Old Man Logan. Who turns out to be in the belly of the beast. This has got them together in time for a joint CWII appearance.
Totally Awesome Hulk #7-8 are bannered as CWII but are really Road To CWII issues. #7 shows how Bruce Banner started enjoying life after Amadeus Cho took his Hulkiness. But Tony Stark was worried about the risks he was taking. In #8 Bruce gives himself flu to prove that being Hulk used to keep him healthy. Amadeus Cho, Rick Jones and She-Hulk gather round with chicken soup.
Ms Marvel #7 and Ultimates #7 belong within CWII#1 and will be described there along with the FCBD issue.

Now that all the Road To CWII issues are in it's time for a look back. The Iron Man and Hulk issues just show events that happened some time before CWII, but have no direct connection that I can see with CWII apart from featuring the last pre-CWII apps of Bruce Banner and War Machine. The Wolverine issues at least set a situation up for CWII. And the MsM and Ultimates issues are already *within* CWII.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Civil War II #0 Synopsis by Rob Johnson
Jennifer Walters is in court defending Jonathan Powers, who used to be the villain Jester. An undercover FBI agent sought to entrap him into planning new crimes, but all he got was general chat about what he might do if he returned to his old life. She maintains that this is not evidence of intent.

War Machine is in Latveria persuading the warring sides to lay down their weapons and allow democratic elections. (Dr Doom has stepped down from ruling the country since Secret War - as seen in Invincible Iron Man #1.)

Later the US President asks Jim Rhodes how he'd like to be Secretary of Defence (well, Iron Man had the job once). He suggests it as a step on the way to a Presidential nomination! (Well, he'd rather have Rhodey than Tony Stark.)

At Ohio State University 3 girls are waiting for the Terrigen cloud to pass overhead. Ulysses is more concerned with plucking up the courage to ask 1 of them, Michelle, for a date. But the cloud hits and both of them are cocooned.

In the Triskelion HQ of the Ultimates Captain Marvel gets a visit from Doc Samson. Carol Danvers says she called him 3 weeks ago, and jokes that when he didn't answer she thought he'd died. Leonard Samson replies that he did, but he recovered.

Carol confirms what he's heard, that the Ultimates are proactive - they try to stop disasters before they happen. His other questions make her realise that he's here professionally - he's psychoanalysing her.

She-Hulk does a Hulk-leap to land on the SHIELD helicarrier and meet Director Maria Hill. It appears she lost the Jester case but is going to appeal. But Hill tells her that Jonathan Powers is dead - shot by a guard during a fight with other prisoners. Maria isn't exactly sorry about it.

Back in Ohio the local press wait for the cocoons to open. Ulysses emerges looking normal. Then Michelle bursts out as a Harpy-figure. But suddenly Ulysses finds himself in a ruined city.

Olivier Coipel
Olivier Coipel
Justin Ponsor
Olivier Coipel (Cover Penciler)
Olivier Coipel (Cover Inker)
Justin Ponsor (Cover Colorist)


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