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Civil War II #2: Review

Jun 2016
Brian Michael Bendis, David Marquez

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4 stars

Civil War II #2 Review by (June 18, 2016)
I was sure She-Hulk died at the end of last issue, but everyone here says she's still alive, but only just.

New Attilan is in Upper New York Bay. It was created in Inhuman #2 out of the ruins of the previous flying city that was destroyed during the Infinity series.

Jessica Jones and Dakota North are both PI's. Jessica has also been a superheroine, wife of Luke Cage and mother of Danielle. Both have had their own PI series and have worked together. Dakota's life has been lower profile.

Bruce Banner is currently not the Hulk, as Amadeus Cho has absorbed the Hulkiness from him in the Totally Awesome Hulk series. But the Hulk in the vision doesn't look like the Cho version, and is much bigger than either of them.

Tie-ins involved with this issue:-

A-Force #8-10. The team gather round She-Hulk's hospital bed. Dazzler disagrees with Captain Marvel and Medusa's use of Ulysses. A prediction says Nico Minoru will kill a young girl Alice, so she runs away (and teams up with Elsa Bloodstone). We also learn that Shulkie wasn't incapacitated by War Machine's missile but by Thanos later. It turns out that the girl has been turned into a giant bug and *wants* to be killed because she's infecting others. Nico kills bug-Alice to stop the bug-infection spreading. The moral is that if she'd let CM arrest her the infection would have spread.
Power Man & Iron Fist #6-9. After War Machine's death PM&IF elect to stay out of the argument, but they are hired by some minor villains to protect them against vigilantes who use Ulysses as an excuse. IF is arrested for opposing the vigilantes, but decides to work on the problem from the inside. However Luke plans to break him out. But Ulysses gets a vision about that, and Captain Marvel and friends show up to pre-emptively arrest him. A fight ensues which breaks the prison and lots of inmates escape, including IF.
Agents of SHIELD #7-10. Coulson & team are sent to arrest Tony Stark for kidnapping Ulysses. But TS explains the situation and Coulson agrees with him so lets him go. But Maria Hill *wants* Ulysses working for SHIELD and sacks Coulson. (Is this while U is still missing or after he's rescued?) U predicts the Wrecking Crew will kill Daredevil so Captain Marvel's side arrest them. But this causes the event it was supposed to stop, except Coulson found out about it and saves DD. Elektra leads some of the Agents against renegade Coulson and some others. Everything's sorted out, Coulson rejoins SHIELD and the series ends.

Uncanny Inhumans #11-14 follow on from Medusa agreeing to let CM's people rescue Ulysses. But the Inhumans strike back at Stark where it hurts, his assets, without harming any humans. However there's dissension in the Inhuman ranks, and it's probably Maximus and Triton who blow up Stark Tower at the end with probable casualties. Medusa tries to find out who destroyed the Tower, but Maximus recruits Lash and his Tribe to cause more damage. Medusa's group fight Lash's group and hand them over to Captain Marvel and the Ultimates. Medusa realises that Maximus is behind it all. Tony Stark attacks Attilan with drone Iron Men until Triton stops the fight by confessing his guilt, and surrenders himself.
Invincible Iron Man #12. Mostly pre-CWII flashback following #11. Plus Tony Stark's reaction to the Inhumans blowing up his Tower.
Captain America: Sam Wilson #10 features the funeral of James Rhodes.
Invincible Iron Man #13. Tony Stark doesn't attend Rhodey's funeral, but mourns him in his own way.
CWII: Choosing Sides #2 has 2 new tales connect to War Machine's funeral. -- Several super-characters react to the funeral. -- Goliath (Tom Foster) earns parole from the Cellar, but comparisons are made with the recently-dead Jim Rhodes. -- Nick Fury's continuing tale brings him closer to the leader of the SHIELD revolt. This could happen anytime after the 1st part in CWII#1.
Captain Marvel #7. The committee review CM's involvement with Ulysses up to his rescue from Iron Man, and beyond into another vision which helps her catch Dr Minerva. (But no mention of the Hulk vision which was supposed to happen immediately.)

CWII: Gods Of War #2-4. Hercules gathers some old gods to oppose the new gods of the Uprising Storm. (A reference to Captain Marvel being worried about Hulk connects this to the end of CWII#2.) Hercules is being turned into the God of Chaos when Captains America and Marvel turn up to recruit him for CWII. But he's got to defeat the Uprising Storm 1st. Hercules and the Old Gods defeat the New Gods. Tiresias leaves a video to warn the heroes involved in CWII about it, but since the message includes the success it seems a waste of time.
Spider-Man #7. Miles is leaning towards not joining either side. Probably between Ulysses' Hulk vision and Banner's death.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Civil War II #2 Synopsis by Rob Johnson
Iron Man sneaks into New Attilan in stealth mode to kidnap the Nuhuman Ulysses, who he blames for the death of his friend James Rhodes/War Machine last issue. But Captain Marvel warned Queen Medusa he might do this and so she's been keeping watch. Her control of her hair is so fine that she manages to invade the Golden Avenger's armour and starts to suffocate him to unconsciousness. But an electric shock knocks her out.

However Medusa has backup - Crystal, Human Torch, Iso and Karnak confront the armoured hero. IM is prepared for Karnak's assault, but when Crystal hits him with lightning he explodes! Beast has joined them and says that was a decoy armour. The real Iron Man has escaped with Ulysses.

Maria Hill has come to the Triskelion to complain that Tony Stark has created an international incident by invading the Inhuman nation. Captain Marvel suggests she send a SHIELD squad to Stark Tower. Nobody thinks that Tony will actually be there, but Black Panther opines that the Inhumans will go there to make a point (and to keep fanatical Karnak under control).

He's right. The above group plus Flint, Grid, Reader and Triton invade Stark Tower. Karnak has a frustrating argument with the AI Friday and threatens to destroy the building. Captain Marvel, Black Panther and Maria Hill interrupt, and they've brought along Spectrum of the Ultimates, Captain America (Sam Wilson), Thor (Jane Foster) and Vision of the ANAD Avengers plus loads of SHIELD Agents. Carol Danvers manages to calm things down, and gets Medusa to agree to let her squad try to retrieve Ulysses before escalating to war.

Tony Stark has Ulysses tied up in some hidden lab somewhere. He blames him for Rhodey's death because it was on a mission (in the Free Comic Book Day CWII issue) to stop a threat that Ulysses had predicted. He wants to know how the Nuhuman's power works so he's got Friday monitoring Ulysses' brain. But the guy can't control when his visions occur (only what he looks for when he gets 1).

Stark is determined to see if he can stimulate 1. He taps the side of Ulysses' head. Then pretends to be about to hit him. Friday notes the effects. Tony also explains that he's hired Jessica Jones and Dakota North to investigate his life and family. He wants to check if they affect what visions he gets, or what he reads from them.

But Captain Marvel's squad have found them already. Beast has accompanied them, and I also see Ms Marvel, Nova and Spider-Man (Miles Morales) of the ANAD Avengers, Blue Marvel of the Ultimates and Hawkeye (plus others I'm unsure of including someone who looks like Rogue, and according to Ms America). Tony releases Ulysses from his bonds, to make things look better, and tells him he can continue to run tests on a digital copy of his brain that Friday has made.

Stark tries to downplay what he's done when he meets CM & co. During the ensuing argument Ulysses has a vision. This time those with him experience it too. They see a giant Hulk standing over the bodies of CM, Hawkeye, IM, Thor and Captain America (Steve Rogers) amid a scene of destruction.

Later Carol Danvers goes to see Bruce Banner.

David Marquez
David Marquez
Justin Ponsor
Marko Djurdjevic (Cover Penciler)
Marko Djurdjevic (Cover Inker)
Mark Wheatley (Cover Colorist)


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