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Civil War II #6: Review

Oct 2016
Brian Michael Bendis, David Marquez

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4 stars

Civil War II #6 Review by (October 30, 2016)
We all know that it is the bad Hydra-Cap who let Spider-Man go. Presumably this was intended to muddy the waters and extend the conflict.

Peter Silvestro brought to my attention that the Sam Wilson Captain America was Magiked off to Los Angeles last issue, yet somehow he's made it back for a couple of panels here. I noticed another slip up:_ Thor flies off with Miles Morales but is still here to be teleported by Dr Strange, and then drops Spidey off.

Triton is shown with the Inhumans but doesn't say anything. But he shouldn't really be here as he's surrendered to Iron Man's custody (Uncanny Inh#14) to take the blame for the destruction of Stark Tower in UInh#11.

The Ultimates are breaking up. Ms America disagreed with Captain Marvel's position in Ult#11 and wasn't with them in last issue and this. Now Black Panther has seceded from the team, so that only leaves Blue Marvel and Spectrum as supporters. Ult#12 is set after CWII is over and the team is officially disbanded by the government. But the same 5 character will be back in Ultimates2 working in a very different mode.

Angela has slipped away since last issue and she's not in Guardians Of The Galaxy #13 which immediately follows this issue. But since the team split up there probably nobody noticed.

Dr Strange has lost most of his magic power due to events in his own current series.

Nick Fury is known to have had his own personal secret bases and Tony Stark suggests his group have retreated to 1 of those. But describing it a being below a barbershop makes it sound like the 1 in Strange Tales #136 that belonged to SHIELD. And of course all their bases were secret.

The young heroes who leave Iron Man's group are all going to new destinies in the post-CWII world. Ms Marvel and Nova *will* reunite with Miles-Spidey and all 3 will leave the ANAD Avengers to form the Champions, taking young Cyclops with them. Kate-Hawkeye is getting her own series. And Riri Williams takes over the restarted Invincible Iron Man series.

Young Cyclops and Young Jean Grey are 2 of the original X-Men who were all brought forward in time in All-New X-Men #1. The team has split up since then.

Presumably Miles Morales has come to the same conclusion Vision did about the only way to test the prediction. And presumably that is for Cap and Spidey to meet at the site.

Tie-ins to this issue:-

Guardians of the Galaxy #13. Set after their ship is destroyed at the Triskelion. Gamora finds out Peter Quill and Kitty Pryde knew that the Ultimates have her father Thanos captive. She, Drax and Rocket Raccoon quit. Angela already seems to have left.
Captain America: Steve Rogers #6. Shows how Cap manipulates characters during this issue to ensure that the vision of his death won't happen.
Thunderbolts #5. Bucky hears about the prediction that Miles Morales will kill Steve Rogers. After CM lets him go Winter Soldier heads off to stop him (preferably non-fatally). But then SHIELD capture *him*.
Spider-Man #9. Ms Marvel, Nova and others are looking for Miles after he left the Triskelion. Despite the cover Venom isn't in this issue, let alone fighting this Spidey.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Civil War II #6 Synopsis by Rob Johnson
Last issue Captain Marvel and Iron Man's forces met in battle outside the Triskelion. Then Ulysses shared a new precognitive vision with them all of a bloody Spider-Man (Miles Morales) standing over the dead body of Captain America (Steve Rogers) in front of a ruined Capitol Building. Carol Danvers followed her protocol and declared she was arresting him.

Now she calls cease fire to both sides (though she has to tell Rocket Raccoon twice, and get the backing of Kitty Pryde). And then she asks Spidey to do the right thing and surrender. Tony Stark of course disagrees. The youth has been an exemplary Avenger with no sign of turning bad. Unlike Bruce Banner who she also tried to arrest in similar circumstances. CM repeats her stance that she just wants him in protective custody to ensure that the vision doesn't come true. For his sake as well as Steve's.

Then Cap himself steps forward and talks to Miles. He's convinced of the lad's sincerity and says they should let him go. He hasn't done anything wrong. And Steve adds, just like Bruce didn't do anything wrong (and now he's dead). And just like James Rhodes didn't do anything wrong (and now he's dead too, though to be fair Carol wasn't trying to arrest him).

Iron Man tells Thor to take Spidey home. Ms Marvel restrains the angry CM and says her friend Miles is innocent.

Maria Hill changes the scenario by trying to arrest all of IM's team as terrorists for starting a fight on government property. Tony armours up and they're about to fight SHIELD when Black Panther interrupts. He says he's switching sides. He's been uncomfortable with CM's tactics, and now Cap's stance has confirmed that he's been on the wrong side. And he warns Hill that if SHIELD attack him they risk an international incident with Wakanda.

Dr Strange uses the opportunity to magic IM's gang away (including T'Challa). CM asks Medusa to get Lockjaw to teleport her people after them. But instead the Inhumans go home to Attilan.

SM asks Thor to drop him off on a rooftop where he can think about things. She does so. Miles is horrified by what he might do.

Medusa, Karnak and Triton go to see Ulysses, whose power has increased so that he was able to project his vision into all those minds all the way from Attilan.

SHIELD have evacuated the Triskelion but they need to stop the burning spaceship that has crashed at the base. CM asks Blue Marvel to take it into space before it blows up, but too late. That ship belonged to the Guardians Of The Galaxy, and now they're stranded on Earth until they can get a replacement. But at least Peter Quill and Groot express their continued support for Carol. But Kitty Pryde seems not so sure.

Strange has taken IM's lot to 1 of Nick Fury's old secret bases that used to be accessed from a barbershop. Dr Strange is knackered and doesn't have enough power to heal the wounded, so they resort to 1st Aid.

Stark suggests that Ms Marvel should go find her pal Spider-Man before CM does. But she, Nova, the young Cyclops, Hawkeye (Kate Bishop) and Riri Williams in her home-made armour decide instead to leave the war. Tony lets them go - he guesses they're going to find Miles and hide him.

Panther confirms that a few of Ulysses' predictions have turned out to be untrue. And he suspects that as his power has grown his accuracy may have suffered. Vision says there's only 1 way to test the current prediction, but Cap and Spidey would have to agree to it.

We join Carol Danvers on the roof of the structurally unsound Triskelion mourning what her choice has led to - the death's of her lover Rhodey (War Machine) and of Bruce Banner. Maria Hill and Peter Quill join her with Storm and the young Jean Grey. Storm commiserates about the defection of her ex-husband T'Challa. CM still thinks they need to find Spider-Man before the vision has a chance to come true. But then Hill gets a message that he's been located.

And we see him standing in front of the Capitol.

David Marquez
David Marquez
Justin Ponsor
Marko Djurdjevic (Cover Penciler)
Marko Djurdjevic (Cover Inker)
Marko Djurdjevic (Cover Colorist)


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