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DC Vs Marvel #4: Review

Apr 1996
Peter David, Dan Jurgens

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3 stars

DC Vs Marvel #4 Review by (February 15, 2010)
Other pencilers: Claudio Castellini. Other inkers: Paul Neary. Large-scale team-up brings together the greatest heroes of the two major comics companies with the outcomes of all battles decided by a readers’ poll. Story continues from Amalgam’s DR. STRANGEFATE #1. Dark Claw is a combination of Batman and Wolverine, Super-Soldier is Superman and Captain America, and Hyena is DC’s Joker and Marvel’s Jackal.


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DC Vs Marvel #4 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro
Amalgam heroes Dark Claw and Super-Soldier are pursuing the villainous Hyena in the direction of the homeless man’s gateway. Access reappears and sees that it was Spectre and the Living Tribunal, not the Brothers who merged the two universes and are now it together. He teleports to the alley, dispatches the Hyena and tells Dark Claw and Super-Soldier that the shards of the two previous universes are hidden within them and the two cosmic beings restore the original universes. The Hulk and Superman team up to drive Mole Man and his minions from the Batcave, Spider-Man and Superboy eject the Kingpin from the Daily Planet, Robin and Jubilee have a romantic visit to Venice, all the former enemies are now joining to defeat villains. Both greater cosmic powers are at work as the Brothers battle in the heavens with all of eternity at stake. The combined heroes take on the gods…and fail. But the Brothers witness the combined heroism of their various champions and are impressed with each other’s creations. With a resounding, “You’ve done well!” the Brothers make up their fight and the two universes are restored. Access then enters the gateway to explore the universes.

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Dan Jurgens
Joe Rubinstein


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Plus: Superman.

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