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DC Vs Marvel #2: Review

Mar 1996
Peter David, Dan Jurgens

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3 stars

DC Vs Marvel #2 Review by (February 15, 2010)
Other Pencilers: Claudio Catellini. Large-scale team-up brings together the greatest heroes of the two major comics companies with the outcomes of all battles decided by a readers’ poll. In this issue Hulk appears only in group scenes.


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DC Vs Marvel #2 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro
A confused young man, Axel Asher, wanders into an alley where a homeless man requests his help in securing a large glowing box with duct tape. The man explains to Axel that two ancient beings, “brothers” each guarding his own universe, have become aware of one another and decided to battle for supremacy by means of the champions of their respective universes; the box is a gateway between the two universes and Axel and the homeless man are two of the rare persons who can be aware of both worlds. The contest continues: Thor defeats Captain Marvel, Flash beats Quicksilver, Aquaman clobbers the Sub-Mariner. Then matter become even stranger: the Kingpin purchases the Daily Planet, Wonder Woman finds Thor’s hammer, and Thanos and Darkseid confront one another.

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Dan Jurgens
Joe Rubinstein
Gregory Wright


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