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Damage Control #3: Review

Jan 1990
Dwayne McDuffie, Ernie Colon

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If You Picket, It'll Never Heal!

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4 stars

Damage Control #3 Review by (October 21, 2019)

Review: Another nifty issue (who says “nifty” anymore?), this time with more She-Hulk and more fourth wall breaking and the surprising battle with two losers in armored suits who are somehow able to beat her up. And Speedball saves her (“Drugs aren't the answer, just say 'no'” she tells him). Cool stuff.

Comments: Issue bannered “Acts of Vengeance,” a crossover series of the time. Title is a pun on “If you pick it, it will never heal,” advice for dealing with a sore or scab. For some odd reason, Anne the receptionist is called Marie in this issue.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Damage Control #3 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro

The workers at Damage Control are on strike and this during a very busy season because of the supervillains' latest schemes against the superheroes. The Daily Bugle building is off its foundations and Bart comes up with a plan to resettle by using non-union labor. The new owner, Michael Souris, refuses to spend the money. Meanwhile, John Porter has an idea....

Meanwhile, Rob Washington, fired from his Port Authority job for letting the George Washington Bridge collapse (Vol. 2 #1), is summoned to a meeting with a mystery villain (we can all tell that it's the recently fired Gene Strausser) with revenge on the brain....

John and new intern Robbie “Speedball” Baldwin meet with Captain America about having some of the Avengers go to work repairing property damage for DC. Cap can only spare She-Hulk....

Meanwhile, new executive Ray Lippert has an idea for replacing Avengers Mansion in its original place. Wasp tells Ray this had better work as a fleet of helicopters picks up the Mansion....

As She-Hulk is trying to pull the Bugle Building back into place using an elaborate harness created by Fabian Stankowicz, she is attacked by Gene and Rob wearing cumbersome armored gear (and they are unable to think of good villain names for themselves). They give her a rough time while slowly knocking the building around and Shulkie longs to have her old writer Tom DeFalco back. Seeing her in trouble, Robbie intervenes as Speedball and clobbers the two baddies who are unmasked as Gene and Rob. Jen goes back to pulling the building, only to have it tip over on its side....

As the copters are carrying Avengers Mansion back to it place, the cables break and the mansion drops back into the river.....

At DC HQ, boss lady Robin Chapel is in a snit over all the screw-ups and so calls Mrs Hoag for advice; the ex-boss lady is busy with Comptroller Albert Cleary and Nick Fury who assures her he can carry out Albert's plan....

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Ernie Colon
Ernie Colon
John Wellington
Ernie Colon (Cover Penciler)
Ernie Colon (Cover Inker)
? (Cover Colorist)


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Captain America
Captain America

(Steve Rogers)

(Jennifer Walters)

(Janet Van Dyne)

Plus: Fabian Stankowicz, Speedball.

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