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Damage Control #4: Review

Sep 1991
Dwayne McDuffie, Ernie Colon

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Cleanliness is Next to Godliness

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4.5 stars

Damage Control #4 Review by (June 2, 2020)

Review: And the third and so far final miniseries ends on a cosmic note as a host of powerful beings confront a problem, pass it on to a multitude of heroes, and then it all comes down to John and Robin being smart. This is the funniest issue of this limited series but the hardest one to write up, as the best comedy comes from offhand comments, facial expressions, odd reactions…all stuff that doesn’t make it into a synopsis. So you’ll have to trust me, that Bart kibitzing with the Silver Surfer while zooming through space is utterly hilarious as is John’s reaction. See, you’ll have to pick up the comic.

Comments: Title is a familiar saying that takes on a rather literal meaning in this issue. Assembled heroes include Captain America, Thor, Iron Man, Hulk, Thing, Mr. Fantastic, Invisible Woman, Storm, Cyclops, Beast, Deathlok, Scarlet Witch, She-Hulk, Punisher, Archangel, Nova, Speedball, Black Panther, Vision, Wonder Man, Wolverine, Ghost Rider, Psylocke, Jean Grey, Jubilee, Night Thrasher, Namorita, Marvel Boy, Silhouette, Andromeda, Her, Richie Rich, and Groo. Conspicuously absent: Spider-Man and Human Torch though they are both on the cover.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Damage Control #4 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro

The Watcher clues us in on the situation: the universe is in danger so Silver Surfer is flying Damage Control (actually just Robin, John, Lenny, and Bart) to the congress of the great cosmic beings. Galactus wants them as witnesses as he stands in the company of Lord Chaos and Master Order, Death, the In-Betweener, Oblivion, Infinity, and one late-comer, Eternity, as they must decide what to do about Edifice Rex. And Rex is summoned, appearing in Infinity’s hand—and giving her a manicure while he’s there. Rex spots how much bigger everyone is so he grows to look Galactus in the eye. Rex explains his plan: to reverse the Big Bang and draw all the universe back into the Cosmic Egg it came from, thus tidying everything up—by ending it. Master Order is the only one who approves so Rex heads off the make a start. The Cosmic Beings decide to avoid confrontation with Edifice Rex and the Congress is adjourned….

Silver Surfer returns the DC people to Earth where they assemble every superhero they can think of in hopes that someone is powerful enough to defeat Edifice Rex. The heroes are ready when Rex arrives—and then John has a brilliant idea and tells Robin. Robin then tells Rex that he’s fired and therefore unauthorized to do any cleaning. Lenny suggests Rex look into unemployment and Henry passes out business cards to the now unnecessary heroes….

Ernie Colon
Ernie Colon
Brad Vancata
Kyle Baker (Cover Penciler)
Kyle Baker (Cover Inker)
Kyle Baker (Cover Colorist)


Listed in Alphabetical Order.

Silver Surfer
Silver Surfer

(Norrin Radd)


Plus: Eternity, In-Betweener, Infinity, Lord Chaos, Master Order, Oblivion.

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