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Defenders, The #18: Review

Dec 1974
Len Wein, Sal Buscema

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3 stars


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Defenders, The #18 Synopsis by Harry Jokinen
Dr.Strange, Nighthawk and Luke Cage are in the middle of a heated confrontation against the Wrecking Crew, who are looking for a mysterious casing from a building they just demolished. Strange has created an invisible mystic barrier to keep the combatants away from civilians. The Defenders and the Wrecking Crew engage in battle, during which the Wrecker explains how the crew helped him escape from prison and find his enchanted crowbar. All four touched the crowbar as it got struck by lightning. The power of the crowbar was restored, and the Wrecking Crew was born. Learning of the mystical nature of the Crew's power, Strange starts draining away their power. Further away, the Hulk has returned to the Defenders, but is being blocked by Strange's barrier. He starts pounding on it, causing Strange to lose consciousness, and the barrier to disappear. Freed, the Wrecking Crew attack the Hulk, but are no match for him. Learning that the mystic barrier is gone, the Wrecker uses his crowbar to blast away the Defenders, and the Crew make their getaway. Thunderball finds the casing from the building's rubble and opens it, only to learn it is empty.

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Sal Buscema
Dan Green