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Defenders, The #21: Review

Mar 1975
Steve Gerber, Sal Buscema

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Enter: The Headmen!

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3 stars

Defenders, The #21 Review by (February 15, 2010)
Cameo by The Thing.


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Defenders, The #21 Synopsis by Nick Walters
Dr Strange and Nighthawk return to Valkyrie's Connecticut home after their previous battle. Valkyrie looks through some photos and realizes somehow she is married which upsets Nighthawk. Meanwhile outside some plush suburban home, the Hulk appears watching children play. Once the father sees him, the father attacks Hulk, making him mad where he smashes down a house then leaves upset after the kid starts crying. Flash to Dr Arthur Nagan and Jerry Morgan working in a lab where they have finished a sinister serum of some sort. Bruce Banner awakes near Dr Strange's home and he hobbled in and Strange shows him to bed. Meanwhile Nagan and Morgan meet up with Chondu the Mystic who is willing to take an ingestion of the Serum. It is revealed that Nagan has only a human head, but the body of an ape. Chondu takes the serum and he dreams a sinister dream that causes a Black Rain to fall over anyone sleeping in NYC. Nighthawk sees Trixie Starr running about to through herself over a ledge to her death but stops her. He realizes than there are many similar screams, all of these people asleep but terrified. Many are throwing themselves out of windows and then so is the Hulk. Hulk has gone beserk. Valkyrie and Strange try to stop him, but they can't. Cut to the Diamond district where Nagan is out stealing Diamonds where Nighthawk spots him and them battle, but Nagan wins and heads back to where Chondu is passing out as the serum wears off. Everyone awakes and the madness ends for now. Nighthawk tells Dr Strange what he encountered and they are sure they are related, but that's all for this issue.

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Hideth #1 comic

Sal Buscema
Sal Trapani

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