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Doc Savage The Man of Bronze #6: Review

Aug 1973
Gardner F. Fox, Ross Andru

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Where Giants Walk!

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3 stars

Doc Savage The Man of Bronze #6 Review by (February 15, 2010)
a) Part two of an adaptation of the novel “The Monsters” by “Kenneth Robeson” (Lester Dent); b) the absences of Johnny and Long Tom are not alluded to; c) for some reason, Carl MacBride, who was killed in #5, is always referred to as “Trent” in this issue; d) at one point Renny’s name is misspelled “Rennie;” e) the Autogyro is always referred to as “the helicopter;” f) Doc Factor: first appearance of Doc’s equipment vest; f) issue also includes a letters page, “What’s Up, Doc?”


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Doc Savage The Man of Bronze #6 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro
Doc Savage and his aides get a shocking reception in Michigan when their plane is seized and crushed by a giant hand rising out of a lake. Doc and his men are pursued by crazed giants until Doc frightens them off with a grenade. Investigating Bruno Hen’s cabin, Doc comes under fire from the assassin from New York; in a chase, the killer is lost in a patch of quicksand. His wallet contains a note directing them to a deserted mill. There, Doc finds Griswold Rock, who claims to have been lured there by a phony message from Doc. The next day, Doc and his men are lured into a trap by the enemy gang; during the distraction, Griswold Rock is captured by the monsters. On the way to rescue him, Doc explains what he’d learned about Pere Teston, Rock’s employee: Teston was a chemist who devised a formula to accelerate growth in farm animals. The formula, it seems, also works on humans, turning ex-convicts into monsters in a mad extortion scheme. Doc’s autogyro is attacked by an enemy plane and it crashes into a lake where Doc and his men, with Jean Morris (who had been hired to keep the monsters under control) are captured and imprisoned on the villains’ camouflaged island (which had been discovered by Bruno Hen, necessitating his murder). At night, Doc leaves the prison to investigate Teston’s lab. Returning to the pit, the next morning Doc shouts in a loud voice what he had learned: there is no antidote for the growth formula. Chaos breaks out above and Doc and his men escape. During the battle, a tank of chlorine gas is breached, releasing its deadly contents. Doc and his party rescue the innocent Teston and escape to safety, returning later to find the dead bodies of the monsters, the criminals, and their leader—Griswold Rock.

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Ross Andru
Frank Giacoia
Gil Kane (Cover Penciler)

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