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Exiles #10: Review

Nov 2018
Saladin Ahmed, Javier Rodríguez

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4 stars

Exiles #10 Review by (November 30, 2018)
In the main Marvel reality Dr Doom also frequently tried to save his mother from Hell.

Marvel Wiki identifies Khan's Exiles as alternative versions of:-
Thor - this 1 a skeleton
Black Panther
Captain America - this 1 ugly and hulking

They have obviously been chosen to match up with the current lineup:-
2 Black Panthers
2 Captain Americas (with Becky Barnes thrown in as an add-on)
Thor - Valkyrie
X-23 - Wolvie
Kang - Iron Lad
with leaders Khan opposite Blink


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Exiles #10 Synopsis by Rob Johnson
The Exiles are in a world seemingly based on tales from the Arabian Nights, Nocturne (TJ Wagner) is playing the part of Scheherazade who is telling the tales to Caliph Doom.

He suspects that the team have been brought here to kill him by his 'wife' Nocturne, who will therefore be executed like all his previous wives. T'Challa recognises him as an analogue of King Viktor from his world (both of course based on our on Dr Doom). Armoured Doom fires gauntlet blasts which Captain America (Peggy Carter) parries with her shield. Valkyrie knocks Doom through a wall into a room full of Doombots. Battle ensues but Doom's energy shield proves invulnerable, and he uses the Eye Of Solomon to render Val unconscious. Blink is about to try to teleport her gang out blind when the magic carpet from last issue arrives and carries them away.

It flies them to an oasis. Some of the Exiles are still confused as to how this fantasy land could be a real alternate reality. Then Black Cat and Hakeem Strange pop up. They apologise for (separately) being the team's enemies (last issue), and say they should all team up to stop Doom getting the Ring Of Solomon which would make him all-powerful.

Black Cat leads them to her camp in the oasis (which seems to be a whole town). She tells Wolvie that the Caliph executed her father for being a thief (and now she's following in his footsteps). British Cap and Wakandan T'Challa have a chat about monarchy.

Meanwhile someone brings Doom the real Ring Of Solomon, but Doom kills him anyway. Doom puts on the ring but then has to save himself from its power and the being who lives in it. He succeeds and the Exiles suddenly see him borne before them by the giant djinn Mephisto. Doom prepares to destroy them all but Mephisto says he can't harm them because they are protected by the ruby that Blink wears on her wrist (the piece of the M'Kraan Crystal in the Tallus which transports the Exiles to the alternate realities).

So Doom tells the djinn to summon creatures to destroy the ruby. Mechanical beasts with metal jaws burst out of the ground an attack our heroes. Blink ports to Doom to grab the Ring, and teleports away with his gauntlet and hand. The mechabeasts disappear. Mephisto gloats that he is at last free of servitude.

He summons the shade of Doom's mother and offers Doom a deal:- he will free her soul if the Caliph willingly comes to Hell with him. Doom accepts, but before he goes he appoints Nocturne as ruler in his stead. She agrees because the people need a just ruler, and she's tired of hopping from world to world as an Exile. So Doom goes with Mephisto to his fate.

The Tallus takes the other Exiles away and back to the present-day prime Marvel Earth which is their current base. But they wind up in New Jersey. And waiting for them are Khan (who they thought died in #5) and a different bunch of Exiles who are here to fight them.

Javier Rodríguez
Alvaro Lopez
Muntsa Vicente
David Nakayama (Cover Penciler)
David Nakayama (Cover Inker)
David Nakayama (Cover Colorist)
Letterer: Joe Caramagna.
Editor: Sarah Brunstad. Editor-in-chief: C. B. Cebulski.


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Becky Barnes, Blink (of Age of Apocalypse), Captain America (Peggy Carter), Exiles, Iron Lad (of Exiles), Khan (Kamala Khan), Nocturne, T'Challa (of Exiles), Valkyrie (of Exiles), Wolvie.

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