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Exiles #12: Review

Jan 2019
Saladin Ahmed, Javier Rodríguez

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4 stars

Exiles #12 Review by (February 9, 2019)
This is the last issue of this series.

The cover promises a happier ending than the inside delivers. Khan may be in a good place but it's not with the team. And Iron Lad is stuck as Kang.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Exiles #12 Synopsis by Rob Johnson
The rogue Watchers hold the Unseen captive on the Moon. They believe he recruited the Exiles and sent them out to tamper with the timelines. They have told him he will see his team die and then be destroyed himself. But last issue the Exiles defeated the other team of Exiles, led by their compatriot Khan who they thought had died in #5, who were sent to 'arrest' them.

Now they arrive through 1 of Blink's portals to confront their accusers, and demand to know what they've done to the other Exiles, especially Khan. The Watchers say they've been returned to their deaths from which they were saved. They then repeat their old argument. The Watchers say the Exiles have bent timelines from their proper courses, while our heroes maintain that their 1st task had been to stop the Time-Eater from destroying *all* timelines, and since then they've only fought to save good from evil. Blink accuses the Watchers of breaking their own non-interference rule by altering reality in order to stop the Exiles. The rogue Watchers claim to be following the rule  more closely than the other Watchers. The others just watch and don't meddle, while *they* stop *others* from meddling.

As the Exiles attack them the Watchers perform their 'execution' by sending them to damaged timelines. T'Challa finds himself in a world where his enemy Klaw leads an army which takes over Wakanda and kills his sister Shuri. Captain America/Peggy Carter falls to Baron Zemo in WWII, who uses her blood to create an army of super-soldiers. Free-spirited Becky Barnes is married to a man who subjugates her. Valkyrie sees Surtur kill Odin and destroy Asgard. Fun-loving Li'l Wolvie is caught up in the grim never-ending battles of the real X-Men. Blink is back in the Age Of Apocalypse but this time with no Sabretooth by her side.

But Clarice Ferguson still wears the Tallus on her arm and uses it to try to find the others. She meets Iron Lad in his doom scenario where he has become Kang The Conqueror, mass murderer. She reminds him that he forswore this fate, and his memory of her and the Exiles and what happened to them returns. But now he claims that the Watchers have been fiendish. If they try to escape these timelines they will just relive them again.

However Nate Richards thinks he sees a way out. He'll use his armour's containment field to overload the Tallus. The explosion will hopefully throw the Exiles out of their traps. But he'll have to stay in *his* Kang timeline with the Tallus to close the door behind them. Blink refuses to accept this plan, but Iron Lad is adamant. What's more he makes her promise not to try to rescue him later or the team will be back inside their own hells. Clarice says a tearful farewell to her heroic friend as they separate.

The rest of the team emerge back on the Moon with the Watchers and the caged Unseen. As Blink tries to explain what just happened and that Nate is gone, more Watchers turn up. They are good Watchers come to take away the bad ones. But their vow of non-interference means the won't/can't bring Iron Lad back. But they do free the Unseen from his cage, but rebind him in his original chains which return him to his sentence of observing Earth without being able to help it.

Blink takes the remaining Exiles back to her Aunt Sarah's house in the Bahamas. They hold a memorial service for Nate and Khan and the others they've lost. But that night Khan comes to Clarice in a dream and tells her she is now in a world where her husband and daughter are still alive. And that daughter has the power of dream-wielding which is how Khan can come here and give her a gift. And when Blink awakes she finds the Tallus by her pillow. So next morning she tells her team that they can continue their work as the Exiles.

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Javier Rodríguez
Alvaro Lopez
Muntsa Vicente
David Nakayama (Cover Penciler)
David Nakayama (Cover Inker)
David Nakayama (Cover Colorist)
Letterer: Joe Caramagna.
Editor: Sarah Brunstad. Editor-in-chief: C. B. Cebulski.


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Becky Barnes, Blink (of Age of Apocalypse), Captain America (Peggy Carter), Exiles, Iron Lad (of Exiles), Khan (Kamala Khan), T'Challa (of Exiles), Unseen (Nick Fury), Valkyrie (of Exiles), Watchers, Wolvie.