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Fantastic Four #12: Review

Mar 1963
Stan Lee, Jack Kirby

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The Incredible Hulk

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4 stars

Fantastic Four #12 Review by (February 15, 2010)
First appearance of the Hulk in a Fantastic Four title.


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Fantastic Four #12 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro
The Thing and his blind girlfriend Alicia are leaving a concert when the orange giant is surrounded by soldiers. After fighting them and being gassed, he discovers it was because he was mistaken for the fugitive Hulk.

At their headquarters, the Fantastic Four meets with General "Thunderbolt" Ross who wants them to capture and destroy the Hulk. They fly out to the Missile Base, where they are informed of a series of acts of sabotage by the mysterious "Wrecker." From the nature of the destruction, the Army believes only the Hulk can be responsible, but Bruce Banner knows Ol Greenskin is being framed. Rick Jones stumbles onto the Wreckers identity--he's Banner's assistant Karl Kort, actually a Communist spy--and is taken hostage by Kort.

The Thing is nearly injured on a sabotaged rocket sled and Bruce is unable to convince the FF that the Hulk is innocent. To save Rick, Bruce becomes the Hulk and battles the Fantastic Four in a cave. He bursts through to the surface and continues the fight in a ghost town as he proves more than a match for the Thing, the Human Torch and Mr. Fantastic combined. The Hulk is rendered unconscious by the Wreckers ray; the Thing destroys the villains giant robot which was responsible for the sabotage and Invisible Girl's quick thinking enables her to capture Karl Kort. The Hulk awakens and changes back to Bruce Banner. Bruce thanks Mr. Fantastic for the FFs help, and the latter hints that he knows Bruce's secret. The FF is honored by a military ceremony and returns to New York, but the Hulk knows they'll meet again.

Jack Kirby
Dick Ayers
Dick Ayers (Cover Penciler)


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Mr. Fantastic
Mr. Fantastic

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Thunderbolt Ross

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