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Great Lakes Avengers #7: Review

Apr 2017
Zac Gorman, Will Robson

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4 stars

Great Lakes Avengers #7 Review by (February 10, 2024)
Scott Hanna helped ink this issue.

The 4 main members of the GLA will return together (along with lots of other chars including their ex-member Squirrel Girl) in Fantastic Four (2018) #43 (part of the Reckoning War event). And then they'll have their own 1-off adventure in Avengers Unlimited Infinity Comic #26.

But before those issues Flatman will show up solo in several places:-
Unbeatable Squirrel Girl (2015) #29 in a crowd of others.
Ziggy Pig - Silly Seal Comics (2019) 1-shot among a load of other cameos.
And with many other gay/lesbian chars in tales in Marvel's Voices (2020) 1-shot and MV: Pride (2021) 1-shot.

And Doorman solos in:-
USQ (2015) #37 at her funeral (actually a Skrull imitator).

It's goodbye to Good Boy, Pansy, Greg Garlick, Dr Nod and the Bod Squad.

Deadpool appears here just before the start of the Secret Empire event.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Great Lakes Avengers #7 Synopsis by Rob Johnson
Dr Nod tricked Big Bertha into 'giving' him a sample of her body-changing super-power and mixed it with Mutant Growth Hormone to create his Good Bod pills. She got angry. He took a pill, as did his Bod Squad, and they bulked up to match her. She defeated them but angry DrN took more of the pills and Hulked out to beat *her*. Then he went on a rampage. But BB took some of the pills and followed him.

Now the 2 behemoths clash, watched by Flatman, Doorman/Deathurge and his ghost 'sidekick' Greg Garlick. FM tries to get rubberneckers to get back but is squashed by a flung car and he can't get out from under. 2 of the Bod Squad, Bertha's modelling agent Jen and the unnamed photographer, arrive to help their boss. And then the car catches fire. Things look hopeless until ...

... Good Boy, the recent 'werewolf' addition to the Great Lakes Avengers turns up to deal with the Bod Squad. (Last issue she was leaving town with her brother Lucky but saw the battle on the News.) Bertha reverts to her normal (Big) size. Mr Immortal comes back to life after being stamped on by Dr 'Hulk' Nod last issue. And Doorman gives Flatman a doorway out from under the burning car. But DrN takes even *more* of the pills and becomes a humongous monster threatening the whole of Detroit.

MrI suggests it's time for Manoeuvre 33. Bertha isn't sure about this because it's dangerous and Craig Hollis is still weak from his previous 'death'. Ghost Garlick asks newbie Good Boy what Manoeuvre 33 is, but why should *he* know. However they soon find out. Bertha pulls elastic Flatman like a slingshot with Doorman and Mr Immortal as the projectile. They hurtle towards the back of giant Dr Nod and DeMarr Davis provides a door to get MrI inside the foe's body.

Outside Good Boy thinks it's horrible but Bertha says Manoeuvre 34 would have been worse. Then a TV reporter asks for an update on the situation. And when do the 'real' Avengers get here? FM has to restrain BB from hitting him. And DrN destroys a bridge, which FM assures the newsman wasn't important.

Inside MrI works his way through DrN's insides, all the time trying to think up a punchy 'Inside' phrase to use. Then it occurs to him that Doorman would surely have been a better man for this job. Then we flashback 3 years during the time MrI was permanently drunk because of the death of his lover Dinah Soar. He and DM are planning the Manoeuvre and Craig asks why DeMarr isn't the 1 who goes inside, because he doesn't need to breathe and can make doorways. DM says he can have the last bottle of beer on the table if he agrees to go, and Craig accepts. Now he reaches Dr Nod's heart and punches it. And the monster collapses. And DM goes in to bring MrI out.

Later the team are watching themselves on the TV News with their hanger-on Pansy (and Good Boy has reverted to female human Good(ness) Silva). She still wants to know what Manoeuvre 34 is but DM tells the teen she'll have to wait until she's older. He also tells the ghost Greg it's time to cross over. Greg thanks him for this 1 last adventure. Val Ventura answers a knock on the door expecting Avengers lawyer Connie Ferrari to congratulate them on a good job. But it's (sort-of ex-GLAer) Deadpool come to tell them they're fired. Connie has discovered that their legal claim to the name 'Avengers' (see #1) doesn't stand up in court, and they have to vacate their HQ. He then goes meta to say that they may get another mini-series in a few years time, but meanwhile he'll continue featuring in several issues per month.

Will Robson
Will Robson
Tamra Bonvillain
Will Robson (Cover Penciler)
Will Robson (Cover Inker)
Tamra Bonvillain (Cover Colorist)
Letterer: Joe Caramagna.
Editor: Tom Brevoort. Editor-in-chief: Axel Alonso.


Listed in Alphabetical Order.

Plus: Big Bertha, Doorman, Dr Nod, Flatman, Good Boy (Good(ness) Silva), Great Lakes Avengers, Mr Immortal.

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